Yucatan will host the World Forum of Responsible Leaders


Some 600 leaders and personalities from different social sectors of the five continents will be in Yucatán from December 5 to 8. They will come to participate in the 2019 edition of the World Forum of Responsible Leaders, organized by the BMW Herbert Quandt Foundation.

World Forum of Responsible Leaders, organized by the BMW Herbert Quandt Foundation, will be held in Yucatán from December 5 to 8.
World Forum of Responsible Leaders, organized by the BMW Herbert Quandt Foundation, will be held in Yucatán from December 5 to 8.

The Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal received the visit of the representatives of the BMW Herbert Quandt Foundation, Cristina Umani and Fabricio Saavedra Vargas, who told him that one of the factors for which they decided that the entity be the headquarters is because "here things are happening interesting and enjoy a high level of security. "

Two world-class events

In this way, Yucatan will host two world-class events at the end of this year with the Nobel Peace Prize Summit, to be held from September 19 to 22 and this Forum of Responsible Leaders. The event was held in Hawaii, the United States in 2005; Mumbai, India in 2009; Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2011; Beijing, China in 2013 and Munich, Germany in 2016.

Among the personalities that have attended this Forum in previous meetings include social leaders such as Eirliani Abdul Rahman from Singapore, member of the Security and Trust Council of the social network Twitter, who works for the rights of children and child protection

The German Kristina Lunz, director of the Center for Foreign Policy Feminist (CFFP) and the American Kimberly Gire, founder of Global Women Leaders, a vast global community of women who help humanitarian groups and orphanages around the world, to name a few.

The Chilean Gonzalo Muñoz, who installs recycling stations throughout Latin America with his company Triciclos, run by former garbage collectors. Shahira Amin, founder of a promotion network for journalists in Egypt.

The importance of the meeting

The BMW Herbert Quandt Foundation has a global network of 1,600 leaders distributed in 119 countries, who are in decision-making positions or who carry out actions in their community to transform the environment.

Accompanied by Federico Treviño Villarreal, General Director of the Trust Fund for Investment and Administration of Tourism in the State (Fideture), the State President highlighted the importance of this annual meeting, which will contribute to continue projecting to Yucatan the world and the economic dynamics generated by the tourist activity, while bringing together leaders and personalities who from their daily work are contributing to make the world a more sustainable, social and fair.

A high level of security

In turn, Cristina Umani stressed that this is a state in which there is an interesting Government plan for the coming years and where there is a dynamic that draws attention, in addition to enjoying a high level of security and also they are developing actions aligned with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda, promoted by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

We are sure that these characteristics combined with the culture, gastronomy and history that Yucatan has will surely contribute additional value to this network of leaders and in the development of the personal life of each of them, said the specialist in Finance and Law.

By offering details of the Forum, the representative of the BMW Herbert Quandt Foundation informed that the venue of the meeting will be the International Congress Center of this city, where the sessions will be held, but there will also be a series of activities that will take visitors to know the attractions of the state.

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