This machinery is intended to clean sargassum from beaches in Progreso, Yucatan

Although the sargassum was controlled in the state of Yucatan, recently a sargassum machine was delivered to operate in the state, which will not only clean the beaches of Progreso of seaweed, but of garbage and even cigarette butts.

Bad weather leaves a thick carpet of sargassum on Yucatan beaches
Bad weather leaves a thick carpet of sargassum on Yucatan beaches

From early in the morning, and for scheduled hours, the machine makes a tour in the area of Progreso, Yucatan. The equipment will keep the beaches of the coast clean and one of the most popular not only with national but also with foreign tourists.

The unit will clean the beaches of Progreso of sargassum and cigarette butts. The aim is for the beaches of Progreso to be recognized as Blue Flag. The machinery will run along the coast of Progreso beach.

This solution has a dynamic ring that sweeps the surface and removes sargassum, seaweed and solid waste, even those that are so small that during common cleaning activities they are not completely removed (such as cigarette butts, caps and small plastics).

Sargassum machinery. Photo: Twitter/Gobierno Yucatán
Sargassum machinery. Photo: Twitter/Gobierno Yucatán

Renovation of Progreso, Yucatan

The seaweed machine is part of a program of constant renovation that the municipality of Progreso, in the state of Yucatan, will have.

It is worth mentioning that the arrival of a cruise ship from Cozumel is scheduled, however, restaurant workers occupying the palapas on the boardwalk had not done any cleaning work.

Some restaurant employees said they will have to remove the sargassum from their work areas to avoid being affected.

Progreso seaweed tractor demo. Photo: Twitter/Gobierno Yucatán
Progreso seaweed tractor demo. Photo: Twitter/Gobierno Yucatán

According to Governor Mauricio Vila, in the next few days, the re-paving of 12 kilometers of streets will begin, within a scheme where the local authorities provide the material and the state administration provides the machinery, labor, and supervision.

Among the activities, the rehabilitation of Calle 80, which includes the Casa de la Cultura and a section of the Malecón, stands out. In addition, they were recently handed over:

Five garbage collection trucks

Six electric motorcycles for waste collection

53 garbage containers

Sargassum on Yucatan beaches
Sargassum on Yucatan beaches

Progreso seeks international recognition

Julián Zacarías Curi, mayor of Progreso, said that in the coming days the European Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) will issue the results to find out if Progreso is a candidate for certification of its beach.

Progreso, Yucatan, seeks to obtain the Blue Flag distinction, a recognition given by the FEE to beaches that meet established criteria of quality, safety, education, and environmental information.


The emerald green beaches of Yucatan are an option to cool off with your family, visit a nearby cenote, admire the mangrove forests, the archaeological sites and the species of flora and fauna typical of the Yucatan coast.

The beautiful beaches of Progreso, an open invitation to national and foreign visitors.
The beautiful beaches of Progreso, an open invitation to national and foreign visitors.

During a trip made in Yucatan, from Chuburna to Dzilam de Bravo passing through Progreso, it is possible to admire a set of clean beaches, to the point that Yucatecan families and national and foreign visitors can enjoy cleanliness and tranquility of the beaches.

 Telchac is mostly populated by summer houses and some hotels, but that does not prevent enjoying the small coastal population of beaches and sport fishing in some points. In Telchac, families who live nearby often go to the small boardwalk to eat and stroll in the afternoons and of course to dive into the clean waters of the beach of this small Yucatan port that does not escape the arrival of foreign visitors although in a smaller scale than the beaches of the Riviera Maya.

Santa Clara, one of the most emerald beaches and with the least propaganda, is also one of the most tranquil and free of sargassum, algae that at this time has caused a strong crisis on the beaches of Quintana Roo, where the hotel sector is suffering from its occupation in almost 40 percent of its availability, due to the bad "recommendation" that gives the great wave of sargassum that has arrived at this time.

In the same route of Yucatan, entering a few kilometers to the road that leads to Dzemul, it is possible to admire the pink flamingos, this species has its main refuge in the mangroves of the saline lagoon and see them in the middle of a pink lake, without having to go to Celestun, is a plus added to the visit of the beaches of Yucatan.

Finally, in San Crisanto, located about 80 kilometers from the capital of Yucatan. It is possible to observe the "eyes of water", especially one, which attracts domestic and foreign tourists attracted by the presence of marine species that have adapted to the fresh water that possibly arises from an underground cenote.

By Mexicanist