World travel destinations are beginning to reopen their doors

From now on, when choosing a travel destination, the biosecurity standards being applied will be as important a factor as the budget.

World travel destinations are beginning to reopen their doors
Cancun: Top travel destinations of the world are beginning to reopen their doors

As countries around the world manage to cope with and control the current pandemic, the need to revive the economy is coming to the fore. To do so, they are turning to the sectors that make it more dynamic, and one of the main ones is tourism, which according to figures from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), represents 10.4% of GDP and generates one out of every ten jobs around the planet.

Although the reopening in each country is going at a different speed, it is important that each one structures the safety and health protocols, and establishes the right moment to open the doors to tourists, having as a priority the protection of people; therefore, this will be a process that must be carried out in a very organized and gradual way.

Therefore, from now on, when choosing the next destination, the biosecurity standards being applied will be as important a factor as the budget, the type of trip desired, or the activities planned.

Everyone loves to travel, so each person must be well informed about the protocols that will be carried out in the destination they plan to visit. We have to adapt to this new reality by understanding that health care will become a major factor when undertaking a new trip.

These are some of the destinations in the world that are already taking the lead and have structured plans to reactivate the tourism industry:

Italy is opening up to European tourism

The Italian government took the first step towards reviving tourism in its country by opening its borders and exempting travelers from the Schengen area from the 14-day quarantine. The Roman Coliseum, the most visited paid tourist site in Italy, reopened its doors on June 1, with an influx of 300 attendees and temperature controls upon entering the historic site. The airports of Rome, Milan, and Naples are now open for international flights.

Spain is already counting down

The Spanish government wants to use the summer to revive tourism and related sectors such as bars and restaurants. That is why President Pedro Sánchez announced the opening of borders for foreign travelers as of July 1, the date on which quarantines will also be lifted. All this will be done under special security conditions to control the spread of the coronavirus. Tourism in that country represents 12% of the GDP.

Cancun launches strict controls

One of the favorite destinations of Latin Americans celebrated its 50th anniversary last April, amid the coronavirus quarantine. Now, after rigorous security controls, it has begun to reopen the entire tourism chain to receive visitors. 41 hotels in Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Puerto Morelos opened their doors with a maximum capacity of 30 %. Starting in July, an advertising campaign will be launched to attract local and foreign tourists.

Dominican Republic

This paradisiacal destination is preparing its tourist industry to resume as of July 1st, abiding by all the protocols of social distancing, hygiene, and sanitation. According to the Ministry of Tourism, the government entities have developed multiple measures to guarantee the health of both the locals and visitors.

"The Dominican tourism industry is prepared to begin receiving visitors as of July 1 in a responsible manner and compliance with the recommendations of national and international organizations regarding hygiene, sanitation, and social distancing," said Tourism Minister Francisco Javier García. "From the moment that visitors arrive in our country, they will find that the measures implemented to guarantee a safe and pleasant experience so that they can enjoy the attractions that have made us the principal tourist destination in the Caribbean," he added.

The Ministry announced that most of the hotels in the country will operate normally as of July 1st and that different government entities have worked together with private enterprises to develop strict safety and hygiene measures that guarantee the health of the population and tourists.

The Ministry announced that the tourism industry's safety protocols are now ready, have been approved by the corresponding public entities, and have similar characteristics to those established by the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure that the Dominican tourism industry continues to be a benchmark for health safety in the region.

Secure Travel Seal

In line with these initiatives to reopen tourism, the recent award of the Safe Travel seal, granted by the WTTC to Turkey, Bulgaria, Jamaica, Mauritius, Ontario (Canada), and Baja California Sur, Yucatan, and Xcaret group in Mexico, is added. This label guarantees tourists high standards of hygiene and health safety, in the context of the current pandemic. The next countries expected to adopt these measures are the United Kingdom, Egypt, Canada, and Chile.