Witchcraft works found in Cancun cemeteries

Visitors to Cancun's cemeteries have been surprised to find witchcraft objects and more.

Witchcraft works found in Cancun cemeteries
Witchcraft items found in Cancun cemeteries. Photo by freestocks / Unsplash

The city's cemeteries are not only used for the eternal rest of our loved ones, but also activities such as 'witchcraft' as several visitors have come across "works" buried between the planters of the tombs, reports Meganews.

This was the story of a woman who went with her grandchildren to the municipal cemetery to accompany a daughter who passed away some time ago and as every year visits the grave where her remains lie to perform maintenance work before the celebrations of the Day of the Dead.

Dolls and photos of people with animal remains were what a woman found inside her planter just as she was trying to water the plants that adorn her daughter's grave. She noticed that something suspicious was sticking out of the soil, that's when she decided to remove the soil and got the bad surprise of finding these objects used for Santeria.

"No one is authorized to do evil to another person, but this happens due to the lack of vigilance in the cemetery because now with the new normality the bags should be checked because there are people who only enter to harm rituals," said the woman, who preferred not to reveal her name.

During this season it is common that city workers who perform maintenance in the cemeteries have find different types of strange items in open graves. In some cases, these objects are removed if they are in plain sight.