A Few Places Not To Be Missed in Guadalajara, Mexico

Although you might think you already know the best places in the city of Guadalajara, here are the less common ones in the pearl of Jalisco.

A Few Places Not To Be Missed in Guadalajara, Mexico
The Arcediano Bridge in the Barranca de Huentitán Canyon. Photo: Emilio González M.

The beautiful city of Guadalajara is full of amazing places that we cannot miss, whether you are a local or a tourist. The reality is that Guadalajara has a great tourist offer with museums, theaters, churches, old buildings, and restaurants, among other things. Here are some that are not touristy but could help you have a great time.

El Refugio Cultural Center

In the municipality of Tlaquepaque is this colorful area where you can find a great variety of handicrafts, especially glass and pottery. One of the places you should visit is the El Refugio Cultural Center which was a hospital for several years, however, it became a House of Culture that exhibits the works of great national artists. As a tip we recommend you to visit it at night, as they offer night tours with guides so you can learn all the legends of the place.

La Pirámide Roundabout

Although for all tapatíos it may be just another building or pyramid, the reality is that this is a replica of the Great Pyramid of the Sun found in Teotihuacan and became one of the favorite local monuments of the tapatíos. It is located in the Ciudad del Sol neighborhood, one of the most recognized in the city. This place is visited by couples or families looking for pictures together because the sunset is beautiful from the top.

Ixtépete Archaeological Zone

This one is located in the suburban zone of the city in the valley of Atemajac, it is estimated that the place represented a larger extension than the current one. In the place, you will be able to see works of the pre-Hispanic era, as well as the ruins of Aztec temples that are supposed to be related to Teotihuacan. If one day you feel like sightseeing thoroughly and well, this place will be ideal for you.

The Arcediano Bridge in the Barranca de Huentitán Canyon

This place is incredible, but keep in mind that you need to be in good condition to do the hike. What you will find in the Barranca de Huentitán is beautiful green nature and as you go down you can reach a river, but undoubtedly seeing the sunrise there is an indescribable experience. There is also the Arcediano Bridge, which was the first suspension bridge in Mexico and the second in the Americas.

Clover Lawn Mansion

The American colony has a lot to offer in its art, architecture, and gastronomy, this mansion is one of the most outstanding. European trends have been present in the architecture of the city of Guadalajara, which is why there are museums, temples, and mansions with neoclassical, viceroyalty, and baroque references. The Clover Lawn mansion is a Victorian style house built in 1908, which is now a place that holds many stories, but is also ideal for events, exhibitions and theme parks.