What to Know About the Wills and Testaments in Mexico

Everything you need to know about the wills and testaments that can be created in Mexico How much it costs and what factors are taken into consideration are also included.

What to Know About the Wills and Testaments in Mexico
Don't inherit problems, better make your will. Take a look at the costs in the different states of the Mexican Republic. Photo by Melinda Gimpel / Unsplash

September is the month of the Will, colloquially it is known this way because in multiple states of Mexico the period to generate or update the will before the corresponding notaries are opened, whose purpose is that the citizenship has a culture of prevention and legal security before any tragic situation that could happen and in this way, the family assets are established, thus also saving problems.

Inheriting family property is also synonymous with "inheriting problems" that are complicated among the members of a family, hence the importance of making or updating the will and you have to know that on any day or month you can perform the procedure.

What is a Will?

A will is an act by which a person freely disposes of his or her property, rights, or duties, designating them to one or more persons after his or her death. Did you know? A will is intended to be a legal mechanism to enforce a person's last will regarding the use of his or her property or acts of relevance such as the recognition of a child.

The states that offer discounts on the Will process

Jalisco: The government of the entity informed the new prices that will have the processing of the Will for residents of Jalisco.

Aguascalientes: Residents of Aguascalientes will have a 50 percent discount on the processing of the Will during September.

Veracruz: Veracruz citizens interested in making a Will during September should know that the cost will be around 1,150 pesos.

Oaxaca: Senior citizens who live in the municipality of Tuxtepec and have their INAPAM card will have discounts on the testamentary procedure.

State of Mexico: Inhabitants of this state should be aware that the College of Notaries of the State of Mexico shared the prices of the Will procedure for September, which range from two thousand pesos to one thousand pesos.

Mexico City: In the Welfare Fairs, the Government of Mexico City offers multiple discounts, including health and legal services.

Tlaxcala: Not only in September there will be low costs in the testamentary process, but the Government of the entity also informed us that the fee of one thousand 700 pesos and free advice will be extended until December.

Baja California: Those people interested in processing their Will will find it for 1,000 pesos; however, those senior citizens who have their INAPAM card will be able to obtain it for 500 pesos.

Querétaro: Citizens of Querétaro will be able to access a 50 percent discount on the Will procedure during September.

What happens if a person or family does not have a Will?

Some of the consequences that families may face if they do not have a Will that provides the proportional parts to each member, is that in the absence of this procedure, the law will establish the proportion that each heir will have, which can cause high expenses, time in the trials before a family judge, which in most cases does not coincide with the will of the deceased person.

How much does it cost to process a Will in Mexico?

Remember! The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) informed that the prices to process a Will in Mexico are different in each of the 32 entities that make up the Mexican territory.

Chihuahua: 2,700 pesos
Chiapas: 1,856 pesos
Mexico City: 3,200 pesos
Coahuila: 1,500 pesos
Tlaxcala: 1,700 pesos
Veracruz: 1,150 pesos
Yucatan: 2,000 pesos
Zacatecas: 3,40 pesos
Colima: 1,740 pesos
Durango: 1,740 pesos
State of Mexico: 2,100 pesos
Guanajuato: 2,000 pesos
Puebla: 1,600 pesos
Querétaro: 1,900 pesos
Quintana Roo: 2,900 pesos
San Luis Potosi: 1,900 pesos
Sinaloa: 2,000 pesos
Guerrero: 1,740 pesos
Hidalgo: 2,500 pesos
Jalisco: 2,500 pesos
Michoacán: 2,800 pesos
Morelos: 812 pesos
Aguascalientes: 2,000 pesos
Baja California: 1,000 pesos
Baja California Sur: 1,500 pesos
Campeche: 1,800 pesos
Nayarit: 1,500 pesos
Nuevo León: 2,890 pesos
Oaxaca: 2,200 pesos
Sonora: 1,800 pesos
Tabasco: 2,252 pesos
Tamaulipas: 3,000 pesos