What to do in Guadalajara, Jalisco?

Guadalajara offers a wide variety of cultural and recreational activities for all tastes and all ages.

What to do in Guadalajara, Jalisco?
Guadalajara, Jalisco. Photo by Roman Lopez / Unsplash

A must in Guadalajara is the Hospicio Cabañas museum. On the walls and ceilings of the chapel of the old hospice, one can appreciate one of the most emblematic works of the Jalisco muralist Jose Clemente Orozco, made between 1938 and 1939. Of the 57 works, the most spectacular is "Hombre en llamas" It measures 11 meters from head to toe and is in the dome.

A new attraction is the Aquarium Michin, which means fish in Nahuatl, here you will find representative species from all over the country including sharks, rays, axolotls, spiders, chameleons, reptiles, farm animals, and birds. For this season, a new section of activities for children will be inaugurated, such as jumpers, climbing of walls, and more, so that the children can enjoy even more the visit to this place.

The Magical Town of Tlaquepaque is 20 minutes from the capital and is a must-see for its crafts. Here the mud is worked and the initiator of this was Pantaleón Panduro, with figures to whom they print a human stamp that grants individuality in each work.

Two hours from Guadalajara is Tapalpa, an ideal place for adventure sports, ATV tours, visit the walnut waterfall, and the area of ​​the rocks (large rocks that give the place its name) you can make paragliding or zip line.

In Sayula, there is the Ojeda Workshop, the creator of these works of art, which are scattered throughout much of the world and which, moreover, people come specifically to see him create a piece in his way, is Mr. José Ojeda. A novelty is a belt that the buckle is a knife and with a special section to uncover bottles.