What to do in case of an earthquake or fire during a mass event?

It is crucial to know what to do to be safe during a mass event, which may involve an earthquake, a fire, or simply a rainstorm.

What to do in case of an earthquake or fire during a mass event?
During a large-scale gathering, what should people do if an earthquake or fire breaks out? Photo by Pim Myten / Unsplash

During the mass events, such as concerts or sports competitions, natural disasters can occur, and it is important to know what to do in case of an earthquake, fire, or thunderstorm to avoid life-threatening risks.

Mass gatherings for religious, cultural, sports, artistic, or political purposes bring together large numbers of people in open-air venues, such as stadiums, or auditoriums designed for large numbers of spectators.

But natural disasters can't be stopped, and there's a chance they could happen during a large gathering, which could put people at risk, the National Civil Protection Coordination (CNPC) said.

In the event of heavy rain or thunderstorm, it is best to stay away from loose or damaged power lines, as well as metal structures, trees, and antennas due to the danger of a lightning strike.

If a fire occurs and the conditions exist, you should move away in an orderly manner, covering your nose and mouth with a cloth; in case your clothes catch fire, drop to the ground, cover your face with your hands, and roll to try to extinguish the fire.

Prevention is fundamental to avoiding risks, so when arriving at a massive event, you have to identify the exit route and meeting points to get to safety in case of an earthquake or fire.

In addition, the CNPC advised informing a family member which activity you will attend, as well as the duration and location, because, in case of an emergency, they will have information to help you.