What Are the Benefits of Using a VPN Router?

What Are the Benefits of Using a VPN Router?
Unlocking the internet with a single key: Protect all your devices with a VPN router.

You probably might have heard about a VPN router. Still, if you don’t know what a VPN router is, it is basically a normal wireless router that you would use in your home or office except that it comes with an additional feature, the additional feature being a VPN installed inside the device. A VPN router differs from normal routers because of its unique firmware, that allows the router to set up and manage VPN connections on the network.

Unlike normal routers, these routers are equipped with high-end hardware to handle their extra workload efficiently. Other than that, a VPN router is pretty much similar to a traditional home wireless router with its settings accessible through the admin page of the router like www.tendawifi.com for Tenda routers.

The use of VPN routers in households is becoming quite common because these routers provide some extra benefits that one normally cannot find in other routers. For starters, a VPN router eliminates the need for additional firewall protection because a VPN encrypts the network and provides a secure and anonymous tunnel over the internet. Other than this, VPN routers have several other features and benefits too, which we have listed below.

Protection of Multiple Devices

One of the most obvious benefits of using a VPN router is that you can protect multiple devices at once. When you are not using a VPN router, protecting multiple devices at once can be a hurdle because not only do VPN service providers limit the amount of devices that can be associated with a single subscription but setting up the VPN service on each device can become a bit of hassle. With a VPN router, this is something that you needn’t worry about.

On a VPN router, you can simply set up a VPN service through the admin page of the router like http://router.asus.com, and then simply enjoy encryption on all of the devices. Oh, and the best thing about it is that setting up a VPN service on a VPN router takes a single device slot only while offering protection to all the connected devices on the network.


Once you have a VPN router, there is no need to install the VPN software on multiple devices again and again. After setting up the VPN router, all of the connected devices on the network can enjoy encryption and security without the need to connect to the VPN on each device. All the connected devices on the network can experience the VPN network automatically without repeated operations

Protection Non-Native VPN Devices

As mentioned, you can encrypt the network and protect multiple devices connected to the VPN router but there is more to this. In modern houses and offices, there are multiple gadgets and devices that are non-native to VPN services and don’t directly support VPN including Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, Home Automation Systems, E-Readers, Activity Trackers etc.

On most of these devices, setting up a VPN is not available. Even if it is available, it can be a bit of a hassle, as setting up a VPN directly on these devices is not an available option. However, a VPN router takes care of this problem and provides protection to all the connected devices on the network. Whether it is your smart TV, fridge, or any other gadget, a VPN router encrypts and secures all of the traffic on the network.

Unblock Geo Restricted Apps and Content

A VPN router provides you with all the benefits of a VPN service including the ability to unblock apps and content. For apps and content that require you to be in a specific location to access them, a VPN router can make this happen quite easily. Just select the server from a particular location and you’re good to unblock geo restricted apps and content in your area.

Outstanding Compatibility

A VPN router has outstanding compatibility and can be set up through multiple operating systems. Whether it is macOS, Android, Windows, iOS, or Linux, you can set up the router through different operating systems without having to worry about whether the VPN router will work with your devices or not.