Walmart in Mexico receives free food import license

AMLO's government gives Walmart a license for free food imports without bureaucratic procedures. President López Obrador stated that the company will be responsible for the quality of imported products.

Walmart in Mexico receives free food import license
Walmart in Mexico is granted a free license to import food. Image: Wikimedia Commons

According to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the federal government and Walmart signed a specific agreement in which they were granted a license to freely import food products without tariffs or bureaucratic procedures, and "they are responsible for the quality of imported products, as they expressed in writing."

According to the deal, Walmart will display the 24 products at the entrance to all of its stores for 1,39 pesos at first and thereafter drop the pricing. He stated that this self-service store chain alone distributes 25% of all food in the country.

The Mexican President stated that the other two chains, Soriana and Chedraui, with which the Opening Agreement Against Inflation and Famine was signed, "are cooperating."

"Chedraui and Soriana, who are members of the program, I believe account for 50 (%) of the total, on which we are working. At the same time as Mexico's food output is increasing," he stated.

López Obrador stated that as part of this policy, he will visit Baja California Sur to examine the fertilizer program, which will be given free of charge to small producers to boost output.

The president stated on Monday that these steps had reduced inflation; but, from August to the first two weeks of October, the food component jumped from 4.1% to 4.3%.