Latest on violence in Uruapan, Michoacan

How a scene of terror, violence, and death is being experienced in the town of Arroyo Colorado, located to the southeast of Uruapan.

Latest on violence in Uruapan, Michoacan
Arroyo Colorado, located to the southeast of Uruapan, the state of MIchoacan, is an avocado farming area.

According to the local newspaper Quadratin, a scene of terror, violence and death is being experienced in the town of Arroyo Colorado, located to the southeast of Uruapan.

The dispute between criminal groups operating in the second most important city in the state is already beginning to report forced displacements after gunmen set fire to houses, killed animals, and kidnapped residents.

On April 26, the avocado farming municipality recorded a violent day with the burning of vehicles and a series of confrontations in Arroyo Colorado. The situation was tense but was pacified that same afternoon.

On April 28, during the early hours of the morning, again the detonations of large caliber weapons broke the tranquility of the area. Alleged members of the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation (CJNG) broke into breaches in the aforementioned locality, as well as in Santa Rosa and El Sabino, where cars were again burned.

El Ucaz hill was set on fire, as it is presumed that there were camps of the criminal group Los Viagras, and with the burning, they were forced to leave the forest. According to citizens of Uruapan, through the website Vecinos Vigilantes A.C., there are reports of forced displacement in the town of Uruapan.

On Saturday, April 30, it was reported that at least 400 hectares of forest were under fire. At least two charred bodies were found.

Now, residents report that the gunmen are trying to take over the town of Arroyo Colorado, where they have set fire to houses, and cars and killed animals to spread fear.

Some citizens prefer to abandon their homes, and their property and escape the violence that now plagues the avocado-growing region, a scenario similar to that experienced months ago by residents of Aguililla, Coalcomán, and Tepalcatepec, areas turned into war zones by organized crime groups.

SSP Uruapan operation. Photo: Michoacan Police
SSP Uruapan operation. Photo: Michoacan Police

Two burned bodies were found in the Arroyo Colorado forest fire

In the vicinity of a wooded area, devastated by a forest fire near the Arroyo Colorado neighborhood, two burned bodies were found, along with several magazines for a long gun. It was learned that on Saturday afternoon, brigades fighting a fire allegedly caused by arson in the Arroyo Colorado, El Ucaz, and Santa Rosa areas, found the charred bodies of two men.

The facts were alerted to the authorities that support the fight against the fire, so elements of the National Guard and the Michoacan Police cordoned off the area of intervention.

During the processing of the scene, experts and agents of the State Attorney General's Office packed several long gun magazines. The identity of the victims is still unknown. It should be noted that just last Wednesday, near the site where the bodies were found, there was a confrontation between two antagonistic criminal groups, which left one dead, two detainees, vehicles, weapons, and tactical equipment seized.