Violence in Mexico is pathological: Mexican Society of Criminology

The president of the Mexican Society of Criminology (Somecrim), Elia Cristina Quiterio Montiel, affirmed that the violence experienced today in the country is already a social pathology that must be addressed by experts.

U.S. officials warn of possible trips to Mexico after violence scenarios. Photo: Cuartoscuro
U.S. officials warn of possible trips to Mexico after violence scenarios. Photo: Cuartoscuro

When participating in the inauguration of the International Congress of Criminology, Quiterio Montiel stated that exercises such as this congress allow specialists to analyze in depth the genesis of violence, and that their conclusions may be useful to generate public policies of prevention at all levels of government.

"Violence, from my point of view, is not only a social phenomenon but also a social pathology. Many times attention is paid to physical health, but the mental health of citizens has been left behind," he said.

The specialist considered that in-depth analysis of these issues with experts, such as the speakers who will integrate the different keynote speeches of the congress and, in a critical-positive analysis, find part of the solutions.

The 4th International Congress of Criminology will take place at the UAQ from 13 to 15 November with workshops and book presentations.

At the opening of the congress, the rector of the UAQ, Teresa García Gasca, said that violence in the country has diversified, which places it as a broad object of study and also as an area of opportunity to generate interdisciplinary strategies to eliminate it.

"For us to become a society completely different from the one we have today, which we deserve, because we Mexicans are people of work and good; unfortunately we have been permeated by violence in many ways and for many reasons, therefore, we have to work hand in hand, in an interdisciplinary way, to eradicate this situation," said the Rector.

By Mexicanist

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