The US national football team embarrasses England with a draw

During a World Cup match, the United States national football team holds England to a draw, which is an embarrassing result for England. Highlights.

The US national football team embarrasses England with a draw
The United States national football team holds England to a draw. Credit: USMNT Otaku

England and the USA played to a 0-0 draw on Friday, with both teams keeping their chances of reaching the knockout rounds of the World Cup alive. In the group represented by both teams, the last matches of the round will be decisive in the battle for a place in the eighth round.

The Americans showed themselves in the first half as a fast team, capable of attacking and threatening the goal without delay. If the most dangerous shot of the opening half was Harry Kane's shot blocked in the penalty area by US defender Walker Zimmerman, the closest the Americans came to scoring was Christian Pulisic's shot on the crossbar.

After the break, the US team also created more threatening attacks, but the English prevented them from finishing with dangerous shots. Both teams were more focused on avoiding defensive mistakes, so most of their attacks did not pose a major threat to the goal. The Americans and the English are playing in Group B, where Iran beat Wales earlier on Friday.

England - USA World Cup football match

The match ends in a 0-0 draw.

England came close to scoring when Kane headed but missed after a penalty kick in front of the goal.

The US players manage to get back on defense in an organized manner after a mistake in their half of the field.

4 minutes remaining in stoppage time.

England manage one of their few hopeful attacks, but Marcus Rushford's easy shot is caught by the goalkeeper.

Both teams fail to break down the opposition's defense.

England patiently controls the ball in the middle of the park, but several attacking attempts go wide off the target. The US defense plays with discipline.

England have a double substitution with Jack Grealish and Jordan Henderson coming on for Raheem Sterling and Jude Bellingham.

The USA have taken seven corner kicks to England's two.

England are confident in their penalty area, preventing the US team from getting any good shots off.

The second half is nearing the halfway mark and neither the English nor the Americans have made any substitutions yet.

The Americans keep attacking, but can't get through the defense to get a good shot off.

Play resumes after the break.

The first half ends 0-0.

The English attack is nowhere to be seen as Mason Mount's shot is easily parried by US goalkeeper Matt Turner.

One minute of injury time to go before half-time.

The Americans have made their opponents look like a team that needs to keep their defense in check at half-time.

The USA are getting closer to the goal and are a bigger threat. The English are currently lacking ideas for their attack.

Christian Pulisic hits the post for England. A serious battle awaits the favorites England.

England's pressure has subsided and the Americans are staying in their half of the field more often. Weston Mackenzie misses a good chance, shooting over the English goal from the penalty spot.

American counter-attacks are a force to be reckoned with though, as Hadji Wright gets a header in the penalty area.

England are in control, while the USA are anchored in defence.

A well-played England attack from close range is finished by Kane, the shot is blocked by defender Walker Zimmerman.

The first few minutes of the game are more in the middle of the park, with the US team not looking to sit back.

Game on!

England start with the same 11 players who started the match against Iran. The captain Harry Kane, who injured his ankle in the previous game, and Harry Maguire, who was substituted for the match against Iran due to ill health, are also on the pitch.

The English are a bit more enthusiastic in their singing, but the emotions are equally heightened by both anthems.

The national anthems of England and the USA are played.

After a short pre-game show to entertain the crowd, the teams take the field.

In their first group match, England were held to a 6-2 draw by Iran, while the USA drew 1-1 with Wales. The last round will feature Wales-England and Iran-USA, with all teams having a better or worse chance. The English are almost certain of a place in the first knockout round, with only a loss to Wales by four goals or more preventing them from progressing.

The 32 national teams qualified for the World Cup in Qatar are divided into eight groups for the first stage of the tournament and will play a round-robin tournament until 2 December. The top two teams in each group will qualify for the knockout phase, which will end with the final on 18 December.