Massive parties, drug consumption, and excesses tolerated in Tulum are the cause of the increase in violence in this tourist destination, according to the local hotel sector. David Ortiz Mena, president of the Tulum Hotel Association, affirmed that impunity in crimes has brought the town to a critical point, to such a degree that tourists have already been killed.

Electronic music festivals in Tulum began to take on international relevance during the pandemic because while in other parts of the world crowds were strictly prohibited, this destination was seen abroad as a paradise without rules.  Little by little, Tulum has been transforming its image from a "hippie-chick" town to a party and excesses destination, acknowledges the hotel businessman.

The sector is concerned, as each violent event undermines the tourist attraction of the destination.  Ortiz Mena confirmed what actor and businessman Roberto Palazuelos said about a slowdown in room reservations after the shooting at La Malquerida bar. Making Tulum a point of mass tourism has consequences, he points out, as this implies more infrastructure and greater security capacity.

But he adds that this has not happened, because the increase in the fixed and floating population has not been accompanied by an adequate urban development, nor has the municipal security institution been strengthened.  "The tourist has to be given the conditions for a pleasant stay," he says. The hotel leader called on authorities from the three levels of government to think and implement a coordinated strategy to achieve results.

Recently, the mayor of Tulum, Marciano Dzul, had reported the disincorporation of the municipality to the Mando Único scheme, which was not seen with good eyes by hoteliers, considering that this undermines the capacity of surveillance and crime prevention.