Tourist service providers located in the beach area of Tulum are expecting a rebound in their profits due to the decrease of seaweed on the coasts of the destination. Fabián de la Fuente, an aquatic tour salesman, said that the beaches of the National Park have an almost clean image due to the considerable decrease of the sargassum fern.

The operability is around 40 percentage points due to the low season and that currently Tulum still has the reputation that its beaches have an excessive amount of seaweed. As operators and tourist activities do their own thing of informing that the coastal coasts are free of sargassum, but it is also required that the authorities spread the word that these paradisiacal beaches are gradually recovering their beauty and natural attractiveness.

For all these reasons, even though it is low season, they are confident that the situation will improve for all the sectors that work in the area. It has been months or perhaps years since the beaches of this destination have been practically free of seaweed. The few tourists that are still vacationing in the destination, as well as the local people, are aware of the current conditions of the beaches, but it is necessary to promote them more importantly in order to attract tourism and be able to survive this low season.

Clean beaches

The arrival of sargassum on the coasts of Quintana Roo has decreased 80 percent in recent days, according to Esteban Amaro, director of the sargassum monitoring network in the state. However, he mentioned that the volume of tons of sargassum from the state brand arriving at the coastal coasts exceeds 35 percent of what was registered during 2020.

The data of the Secretary of the Navy in 2019 from May to July 38 thousand 892 tons of this aquatic plant were collected, in 2020 19 thousand 054 tons were accumulated. The projection is that for this year the arrival of seaweed in Tulum will conclude earlier than expected.