Tulum's Archaeological Zone Braces for Tourist Boom

Get ready to explore the expanded archaeological wonders of Tulum! With the opening of Nauyacas and Cresterías complexes, a museum dedicated to Mayan history, and the impending Mayan Train, Tulum is set to enchant visitors like never before.

Tulum's Archaeological Zone Braces for Tourist Boom
New Mayan complexes unearthed in Tulum! Credit: Cultura

Tulum, the trendy hotspot on Mexico's Riviera Maya, is making headlines once again with exciting developments in its archaeological zone. The picturesque destination, known for its ancient Mayan ruins and stunning coastline, is expanding its offerings to cater to the growing number of visitors flocking to its shores.

The Tulum-Tankah Archaeological Zone, a must-visit for history buffs and adventure seekers, is set to become even more captivating with the opening of the Nauyacas and Cresterías complexes. These new additions will be excavated and consolidated for future public exploration. And that's not all! Brace yourself for the unveiling of the Museo de la Costa Oriental in the Centro de Atención a Visitantes (Catvi) of the Parque del Jaguar. This museum aims to deepen our understanding of the evolution and resilience of the Mayan peoples in the region. How fascinating!

To ensure an unforgettable experience for visitors, the authorities are leaving no stone unturned. The invasive vegetation and pesky fauna residues are being cleared, while the wiring is being upgraded, and cracks are being repaired. There will also be sacrificial floors placed within the structures of the walled enclosure. Talk about attention to detail!

In a thrilling move, previously restricted areas within the archaeological site will be opened up to the public. Imagine strolling through the temples on the northwest and southwest corners of the wall (Building 55 and Building 56), or finding solace in a rest area comprised of buildings 21, 23, and 25 in the palace zone. An additional route around the perimeter of Platform 50 is being created, along with a southern exit adjacent to the cliff. This entrance will serve as one of the five gateways to the ancient Mayan commercial enclave. Get ready to immerse yourself in a journey through time!

But Tulum's momentum doesn't end there. The Coba Archaeological Zone, a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered, has reopened its gates after undergoing extensive improvements. Months of closure have led to this grand reopening, promising visitors an enhanced experience that's worth the wait. Get ready to marvel at the wonders of Coba!

In a more somber turn of events, a terrible accident shook Tulum in the early hours of this morning. A van transporting foreigners overturned and collided with a bus on the bustling Tulum Avenue with Coba. Seven people were injured in the incident, a stark reminder of the need for caution on the roads.

Nature lovers and conservationists will be pleased to hear that Semarnat, Mexico's environmental agency, has rejected the Xiib Kaab condominium project in Tulum. The proposed tower, with 42 flats, was set to be constructed in a protected mangrove area. This decision demonstrates a commitment to preserving Tulum's unique ecological treasures.

In the face of hundreds of land invaders encroaching on Tulum, state and municipal authorities are taking action. They have announced the commencement of the regularization process for these illegal settlements in the municipal capital. This move aims to bring order to the chaos and provide legal certainty for land occupants. With regularization, public services can be improved, and issues such as pollution and crime can be effectively addressed.

Sadly, amidst Tulum's growth, there are casualties along the way. A majestic jaguar, a symbol of the region's wildlife, was tragically run over on the road to Tulum. The feline ventured out of the undergrowth, attempting to cross the asphalt, but met with a fatal collision. This serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between human development and the preservation of the natural world.

Looking to the future, Tulum's archaeological zone is poised to become even more popular. With the impending launch of the Mayan Train, the site is expected to welcome over 3 million visitors annually. This ambitious railway project will significantly increase tourist footfall, making Tulum one of Mexico's top destinations. The Mayan Train will also boost tourism in the underrated Muyil archaeological zone, shining a well-deserved spotlight on its historical significance.

Diego Alcántara, president of the tourism commission of Coparmex Riviera Maya, shared exciting news about the upcoming Expo Turismo Sustentable. The 14th edition of this event, scheduled for September 9th to 11th in Tulum, aims to promote domestic tourism and encourage travelers to explore the hidden gems within Mexico. Get ready for an adventure off the beaten path!

In a move that has stirred controversy, the Mexican government has decreed the expropriation of over 1,500 hectares of land in Felipe Carrillo Puerto. This decision will allow for the construction of a Military Air Base and the highly anticipated Tulum International Airport. These ambitious projects, championed by President López Obrador, aim to revolutionize transportation in southern Mexico. The airport, connected to the Mayan Train, will handle millions of passengers annually and strengthen security measures while assisting with emergencies.

The advent of the Mayan Train has had an unexpected impact on the value of land in the ejido Jacinto Pat. The local community has witnessed an astonishing 80% increase in land prices as the mega-project progresses. This surge in value has prompted the development of housing settlements and promises a prosperous future for the ejidatarios and newcomers alike. The exact figures, however, remain a closely guarded secret for security reasons.

Tulum's trajectory as a world-renowned destination shows no signs of slowing down. With its archaeological zone expanding, environmental protection measures being enforced, and ambitious infrastructure projects on the horizon, Tulum is set to captivate the hearts of visitors from around the globe. Pack your bags and prepare for an adventure like no other in this enchanting corner of Mexico!

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