What to do if you travel to Tijuana

What to do in Tijuana: for culture, art, and film lovers, Tijuana is the place that will be like your second home.

What to do if you travel to Tijuana
Welcome to TIjuana. Photo by Gautam Krishnan / Unsplash

Known as the coolest city, Tijuana is one of the most populated areas in Mexico. Its location next to the US, in Baja California, makes it one of the most visited tourist sites, and despite not having a very old history, the development of this city has allowed it to be recognized as one of the best destinations in the country.

Exuberant beaches, paradisiacal views, entertainment, fun, a waste of culture, and above all an impressive and attractive gastronomy is what makes Tijuana a must-have in a Mexican vacation. Do you want to know much more about this city? Below you will find the best about it. On your next vacation, don't miss out on enjoying Baja California and getting to know the best places in Tijuana.

Is it expensive to travel to Tijuana?

Just like any other trip, it all depends on many factors that may condition the costs, from the transfer from your hometown to Tijuana to aspects such as lodging, meals, and departures among others. About the transfer, you must take into account that there are different promotions for flights to Tijuana. For example, flying from Monterrey can be cheaper.

There are different options to check the cost of a plane ticket to Tijuana. One of the most recognized is Volaris Mexico, an affordable alternative for those who want to vacation in this city without exceeding their budget. In addition, details such as accommodation and activities within the city can make the cost of the trip very different. Consulting different alternatives is the best way to find one that fits your initial budget for your vacation.

What to do in Tijuana?

Tijuana is one of the ideal cities for entertainment, fun, and cultural enrichment in a vacation experience. However, the possible plans are diverse; one of the strongest points of this city is its gastronomy with countless options that will exceed the expectations of tourists.
Let's see below some beautiful places you can't miss in Tijuana.

Morelos Park

Among its countless attributes, nature could not be the exception. Tijuana has one of the largest natural reserves in the country. Morelos Park is an extensive vegetal lung, which also has an artificial lake where different types of fish can be seen.

It also has a small zoo, where you can enjoy various species of animals. There are also train and boat tours inside the artificial lake. For some, it is one of the most popular parks and with a major quantity of visitors in the zone.

Tijuana Cultural Center

For culture, art, and film lovers, this place will be like a second home. In 2015, this space received more than 1 million visitors, who have accredited it with great popularity and enhancement.
Its main attraction is its particular spherical shape, known as "The Ball". This large place, a reference in the culture of the people of Tijuana, has three sections: an art room, an aquarium, and finally a sector dedicated to enjoying film productions.

Rosarito Beach

Those who prefer the sea in Tijuana will also have different options to choose from, one of the closest is Playa Rosarito. This beautiful paradise, although not appropriate for sports such as surfing, has a lot of activities for the entertainment of visitors.

Horseback riding, paragliding, jet skis, restaurants, and much more can be found around this beach. In addition, its crystalline waters and cleanliness, are evidence of the care in which this place is maintained.

Historic Center of Tijuana

If you want to deepen your knowledge of Tijuana's culture and history, walking down Revolution Avenue to the Historic Center is ideal. The first one is one of the most emblematic avenues of the city.

The history of Revolucion Avenue goes back to the beginning of the city when it was recognized as "the most visited city in the world" due to its attractive nightlife. It starts right at the international line and ends at the Tijuana Tower. Its journey is immersed in a mixture of history, culture, and modernity that undoubtedly characterizes Tijuana and the entire country.

There is no doubt that visiting Tijuana on vacation will be one of the most unforgettable experiences. Do not miss the opportunity to tour the different attractions that this beautiful city of Baja California has to offer.