The number of American travelers to Mexico will increase in the first fortnight of January; Cancun and Mexico City are the favorite destinations. Because Mexico does not require PCR testing of U.S. travelers for entry, it is anticipated that their numbers will increase in the first half of January 2021.

The Anahuac Center for Tourism Research and Competitiveness (Cicotur) announced the scheduled supply of airline seats to selected destinations in Mexico. In the first fortnight of January, American travelers will prefer to fly to Cancun, Quintana Roo. A growth of 113.5% was estimated, which will be higher than in the same period in 2020.

The second destination they will prefer will be Mexico City, which will grow 79% in the first two weeks of January; however, it will not be greater than that registered in that period of 2020.

Los Cabos, in Baja California Sur, will be the third most preferred destination for Americans. The increase in demand for airplane seats will be more than 131.5 percent by 2020.

Other destinations that are among their favorites for the first fifteen days of the year are Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Monterrey, Cozumel, and Merida, in that order.