Single card service for transportation in Mexico City

With the Integrated Mobility Card, you can access transport services such as the Metro, Metrobús, Light Rail, Trolleybus, Passenger Transport Network (RTP), Ecobici, bicycle parking, and the next Cablebús.

Single card service for transportation in Mexico City
Multimodal Card for public transportation in Mexico City. Photo:

As of today, the use of the new card for public transportation that is part of the Integrated Mobility Network implemented by the government of Mexico City, to homologate the access to all transportation systems in the same tool, begins to operate.

The first phase of this strategy began last October 21 when the new card was made available to citizens, giving access to the Metro, Metrobus, and soon the Light Rail, which will reopen the section Taxqueña-Estadio Azteca on January 15.

Since last November all cards outside the system began to be invalidated, so from today the use of the new plastic on the Metro and Metrobús consists of passing it through the validator found on each turnstile and, if there is sufficient balance on this one, the user will be given access.

In the case of other means of transport such as Ecobici, which was previously under a prepaid system, from now on those who have a membership will only have to call the number 5550052424 and make the request to be transferred to the new Integrated Mobility Network card.

When dialing this number, the user is suggested to attend one of the Ecobici service centers to carry out the process of changing to the new plastic. For this procedure, the people of the capital will only have to cover the cost of the card without any extra charge, and the only thing they will be asked for is an official identification in addition to a credit or debit card.

The units of the Passenger Transport Network and the Trolleybus are part of the second phase of this strategy, which last month began with the installation of 1,200 validators purchased by the government of Mexico City and that will be inside each unit so that users place the plastic in the reader already on board, as is currently done on lines 4 and 7 of the Metrobus; in addition, the integration of these devices in the single-registration parking lots is being carried out.

The integration of all lines, both RTP and Trolleybus, is expected to be completed this month as part of the third stage of the Integrated Mobility Network.

The fourth and final phase will begin next June, which consists of including the collection of Cablebús usage, which will be completed by the end of 2020 and whose tariff has yet to be defined; at the end of this phase, the process of incorporating the transport concessions such as the microbuses that circulate in the capital will begin.

Since 2013, the capital city government has approved the services of systems such as Metro, Metrobús, Trolebús, and Ecobici on the same card, so the current administration is adding the remaining transports as part of the new strategy.

This tool was made available to the citizens since last October 21 with an initial cost of five pesos, it also provided the facility to change two old cards to receive the new one, this, together with a mandatory recharge of five pesos in both cases so that the new plastic was activated for use.

However, as of today, its price is 15 pesos, in addition to which it will be the only card that will serve in all modes of transport so that the previous ones are already obsolete.