After 40 years, Supra, the Japanese legend reaches Mexico

Supra's fifth generation is coming to Mexico for the first time to reaffirm a long tradition faithful to the "continuous improvement" philosophy.

After 40 years, Supra, the Japanese legend reaches Mexico

Mexico has an extensive legacy of Japanese culture, from the beautiful jacarandas, the Masayoshi Ohira Park, and now, the Toyota Supra, one of the iconic cars of the Japanese firm, a heritage for motorsport worldwide.

For the first time and after 40 years, 165 copies of Toyota Supra will be sold in Mexico, which speaks of its exclusivity, as it is considered an authentic sports car and a legend of professional circuits.

The fifth generation of the Supra model was officially presented in January, during the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, by Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota. There, the main characteristics and performance of its components were unveiled, such as its 335 horsepower pushed by a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine. As a true racing car, the traction is rear and the roar of its unmistakable engine.

The interiors of this supercar seek to create a synergy between the driver, the car, and the tracks, thanks to its sporting proportions, one of the most surprising in the market, with a long front, short rear, muscular curves, and airfoils. Together, these features ensure that the entire body is in correlation with the chassis, thus reducing the center of gravity to make it safer.

Although there is no exact date, it is known that it will be during the second semester of 2019 when these pieces of high engineering and technological development go on sale. Toyota's purpose is not to break sales records, but to position itself as a signature of the vanguard, innovation, design, and emotion.