Tourists suffer robbery and mistreatment at Paradisus Cancun

American tourists denounced the mistreatment received at the Paradisus Cancun hotel, where besides being robbed of a wallet, they were practically thrown out of the place.

Tourists suffer robbery and mistreatment at Paradisus Cancun
Cancun tourists experience theft and poor handling at the Paradisus Cancun hotel. Image: Paradisus Cancun

A group of tourists from the United States denounced the mistreatment received at the Paradisus Cancun hotel, where in addition to suffering the theft of a wallet, they were practically expelled from the place, having to carry their luggage, for having requested an Uber. To make matters worse someone tipped off a cab driver, who began to harass them while they were waiting.

Two of the women in this group of six commented that the problems started on the first day of arriving at this hotel, at Kilometer 16.5 of the Hotel Zone, because one of the first actions of the staff, after registering them, was to sell them a membership.

As they did not accept, during the rest of their stay they had to endure the bad faces and indifference of the staff and receptionists, although they clarify that in food and beverages they were all very kind.

Yesterday, a day before their departure, the father of one of them undressed to go to the pool, without realizing that he left his wallet in his pants, inside the room. When they returned, the room had already been cleaned, but the wallet was gone.

The family reported the incident to the security personnel at Paradisus Cancun, but they only made a note of the incident, without any response, without offering to check the security cameras or to contact the authorities.

Some time passed and when no one came to follow up on the incident, they went back to security, where they were told that the case would take "48 to 72 hours" to resolve, knowing that they were returning to the United States the next day.

Upset, the tourists asked for a report number to take the matter up with corporate, but the staff refused.

That night, they asked at the front desk for the cost of a cab to the airport and were told that it would cost 200 pesos; however, when they left Paradisus Cancun and indicated that they needed a cab, they were given a much higher price.

"We told them we'd better take an Uber and they got upset and said I couldn't get in and that we had to go down to take it," commented the foreigner.

The visitors had to carry their luggage from the lobby to Kukulcan Boulevard, while the bellboys instead of helping complained to them and told them to take a cab.

"I don't understand why they were telling us that if it was our money, we were no longer in the hotel and if we wanted to feel safer than with a cab driver", claimed the tourist.

When they arrived outside, they saw how a cab arrived at the entrance almost at the same time as them. This driver began to signal for them to get in. They told him not to, but the cab driver did not move and began to talk on the radio.

By the time the uber arrived, he began to harass them to prevent them from getting into the vehicle. The interviewees suspect that someone at the hotel tipped off this cab driver.

"To Cancun, we would return, but not to Paradisus," she commented with annoyance. "The cab driver made us feel very uncomfortable, especially knowing that we are women in Mexico. They all became very aggressive when everyone is just trying to bring home the bread for their homes".

Source: Noticaribe