Top 8 Business In Mexico

Top 8 Business In Mexico

Mexico is a vibrant country with a lot of business opportunities. The markets of this country are very diverse. The Mexican market provides opportunities to explore various markets ranging from agriculture to technology. There are great opportunities to earn profit for business owners whether they are local or foreign investors. If you want to commence your business in Mexico then you are at the right place.

Here are the top 10 business ideas to start up your business with less investment. We will provide the best pieces of advice which will help you to jump-start your entrepreneurial journey.

1 - Agro-Based Products

There are numerous agricultural resources in Mexico. So, there is a bundle of opportunities in farming, food processing, fertilizers, pesticides, and other agro-based products. You can invest in crops from Mexico such as potatoes, avocados, and tomatoes as you know these products have high demand in local as well as international markets.

You can also consider the food processing market and agricultural types of equipment. You can install the agro-process units for packaged food, oils, and species.

2 - IT Products

Mexico is the largest manufacturer of computers. Its IT companies manufacture desktops, and laptops with the assistance of leading multinational computer companies. Mexico ranked third globally in the exports of computers and mobile phones. You are wisely recommended to start up a small computer-related business. There is a huge online casino business in Mexico where people play baccarat online for real money. So, if you run such type of IT business, you can grow instantly. 

3 - Automobile Sector

The automobile sector accounts for 17 percent of the Mexican manufacturing sector and contributes 20 percent of the GDP to the economy of Mexico. You can set up small manufacturing units and trading outlets for spare parts; if you do not have large investments. You can set up a workshop to fix the cars and vehicles. You need to provide the right service to your customers and sell genuine products.

4 - E-Commerce Business

E-Commerec is an emerging field in Mexico. This industry is booming and flourishing in Mexico. This is the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs and small investors. They need to choose a finished product and an unfinished product and add value to it. They can sell these products in local and international markets.

5 - Export Segment

Mexico has a high rate of exports. Mexico is recognized globally as the country of exports. You need to pick up one, two, or more products to export them. You will find a lot of opportunities in the segments of computers, mobile, phones, olive oil, oil products, cotton fruits, vegetables, and silver. As you know, Mexico is the largest exporter of these products. However, you have to choose one of them to start up your business.

6 - Healthcare Industry 

If you have technical knowledge and skills in the healthcare sector then it is the perfect field to make your career and set up your business. The healthcare sector accounts for 7 percent of the GDP of the country. It contributes more than 100 billion dollars.

If you are qualified to meet the licensing and other standards then you are suggested to start your business in healthcare such as clinics, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies.

7 - Cannabis for Medical Purposes

Cannabis is used as medication. Pharmaceutical companies need to use cannabis in medicines. Harvesting of cannabis to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies is legally permitted. So, you don’t need to worry and hesitate. let’s start a business to harvest, process, and sale of cannabis for medical purposes.

8 - Tourism Industry

The tourism and hospitality sector contributes billions of dollars of foreign exchange for the country. It is the fourth source of foreign exchange. The country ranked 8th globally as the most visited country and 6th friendly country for is estimated more than 20 million tourists visit Mexico annually.

You can establish hotels, resorts, and restaurants to cater to your local and international tourists. Besides, you can start up a food delivery agency to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner for tourists and a tourist guide company to explore the scenic and archeological sites for your tourists.


To sum up. Mexico is the growing economy of the world. It has a strategic location as well. It offers a free trade agreement, a supportive business environment, and is tax-friendly. So, there is a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners to excel and grow their businesses.