Top 6 Universities in Mexico for Foreign Students

Top 6 Universities in Mexico for Foreign Students
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According to official statistics, there are nearly 45,000 foreign students in Mexican higher education institutions. This is quite a lot for a country that is not usually associated with top-ranking colleges and universities. That is why you need to carry out proper research on local universities and their curricula to ensure that you choose an institution with top-quality educational programs.

We have made your job easier by assessing the pros and cons of the leading Mexican universities and choosing the top 6 for your consideration. Keep scrolling to learn more.

1. Monterrey Institute of Technology

This is a private and secular institution with more than 25 campuses across Mexico. It also has 18 offices in different parts of the world. Founded in the forties of the last century, the university was conceived as a major provider of educated workforce for Monterrey’s booming economy. Over the years, it has established unique programs in medicine, engineering, and management that attract lots of international students.

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2. Autonomous University of Baja California

This is one of the top universities in Mexico. It is a public entity specializing in research, modern pedagogy, and outreach services. The university runs three campuses, and it is very proactive in attracting foreign students. It has hundreds of international students studying law, humanities, and health-related subjects.

3. National Technological Institute of Mexico

Founded toward the end of the forties of the 20th century, the university unites more than 250 institutions. It prides itself on running a number of famed research entities. International students pick the university because of its rich and diverse traditions, impeccable reputation, and lots of sports activities and events.

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4. Autonomous University of Sinaloa

This is one of the few Mexican universities founded in the 19th century. This means it has long and famed traditions that are proving effective today. The university prioritizes equity, solidarity, and integrity as its core values. International students love studying here because of an extremely accommodating and diverse learning environment.

University of Colima

This university runs 5 campuses across Mexico. Its degree programs in health, business administration, education, and agricultural studies are top-rated in Mexico and beyond. Foreign students enjoy a broad range of extracurricular activities, engaging coursework, and student-oriented learning processes.

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Universidad de las Américas Puebla

This is a famous university with bachelor’s degree programs available to foreign students. It has made every effort to make it super easy for international students to settle in quickly following their arrival. The university has set up cultural representative teams that unite international students and help them represent their interests and needs.

Bottom Line

If you plan to study in Mexico, make sure you do your due diligence to find a top university. Learn more about the recommended universities and make sure you pick the one that meets your educational goals and aspirations best.


Sandra Dodrill is an accomplished writer, educator, and student coach. She has been advising thousands of students on the best destinations for their higher education in light of their educational goals and long-term aspirations. Sandra posts regular reviews of the pros and cons of higher education institutions and their courses for international students.