Tlaxcala to Host NORCECA Olympic Beach Volleyball Qualifier

Mexico's Tlaxcala hosts a crucial Olympic beach volleyball qualifier. National duos aim for Paris 2024 glory on home sand.

Tlaxcala to Host NORCECA Olympic Beach Volleyball Qualifier
Mexican beach volleyball players during a previous tournament. Will they secure their Olympic spot on home sand? Credit: CONADE

For the fourth time in a row, Mexico swings open its doors – and in this case, lays out a welcoming expanse of sand – for the NORCECA Olympic Beach Volleyball Qualifying Tournament. From June 19th through the 24th, the state of Tlaxcala plays host to an elite showdown where the best duos from North and Central America and the Caribbean will dig, spike, and hustle their way towards a single prize: a spot in Paris 2024.

This ain't Tlaxcala's first rodeo with world-class beach volleyball. In 2022, the state put on the ritz for the Challenge Tlaxcala. Then, in what can only be described as a move worthy of a top-seeded player, Tlaxcala hosted the Beach Volleyball World Championship. Locals turned out in droves, proving that beach volleyball fever is officially raging in the most unlikely of places.

The selection of Tlaxcala for this event carries historical weight. Mexico is on an Olympic qualifier hosting streak, with Mazatlan, Guaymas, and Colima preceding it. You could say Mexico has become the de facto capital of last-chance Olympic beach volleyball dreams.

Speaking of dreams, let's not forget team Mexico. Star pairings Abril Flores Castro/Atenas Gutiérrez Guzmán and Juan Virgen Pulido/Miguel Sarabia Delgado have their sights set on a home-sand showdown. And you better believe they'll have the Tlaxcalan crowd roaring for them. These two pairs have felt the love from Tlaxcala before.

“This is fantastic news,” beamed Olympian Juan Virgen. “Being at home, with fans in the stands…this is the stuff players live for. Mexico, Tlaxcala, they've proven they know how to put on a world-class show, and there's no doubt this tournament will be top-notch. It's a big year for us and CONADE is showing serious commitment by bringing events like this onto our home turf.”

It seems, lately, there's been a serious spike (sorry, had to) in cooperation between CONADE, NORCECA, and the FIVB. This bodes well not only for Mexican beach volleyball, but for the sport everywhere.

So, if you find yourself anywhere near Tlaxcala in June, don't miss this. High stakes, the thrill of elite competition, and perhaps, if all goes well, witnessing Mexican beach volleyball history in the making… it's the sort of thing that makes you a sports fan for life, whether you know a pancake serve from a pancake breakfast or not.