Tips to avoid gaining weight during the holiday season

Taking care of ourselves from this moment on can be done while still enjoying the holidays, and this is explained with a series of tips to savor the delights of Christmas dinner without feeling remorse.

Tips to avoid gaining weight during the holiday season
Christmas tips to avoid gaining weight during the holidays. Photo by Kelsey Chance / Unsplash

Christmas, New Year's Eve, Three Kings, and other celebrations that usually involve the classic reheating and cause more than one headache; one of the most common is the fear of gaining weight.

As we know, this winter season is one of the most common to gain a few pounds or sizes, our body asks for more sugar and calories (because of the cold), and also the holidays cause people to consume more liquor and say the classic phrases "in January I recover", "next year I take care", "and then I go to the gym".

However, we can take care of ourselves from this moment without stopping enjoying the holidays, this is explained by the Director of the Nutrition Program of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG), Monserrat Rodriguez Leon, with a series of tips she shares to taste the delights of Christmas dinner, without feeling remorse.

7 steps to feel calm

Don't skip your set meal times. Skipping a meal will not compensate for overeating another meal, it may even increase your anxiety, causing you to arrive at your next meal hungrier and eat in large quantities.

Plan your meals: if you already have a posada or party scheduled and you know that there will be high-calorie foods, try to choose options that nourish you.

Do not repeat dishes. Of course, you can try all the dishes in small portions, do not stay with the craving, just do not ask for double portions or repeat dishes, remember that the reason for the holidays is to spend time with your family and loved ones.

Avoid drinking calories: chocolate and punch contain high amounts of sugar, prefer a small cup to liters and liters of these drinks.

Exercise: at home, in the park, or at the gym, do 150 minutes a week.

Stay hydrated. In this winter season, you don't crave plain water, but you can choose to consume teas or infusions.

Enjoy the holidays in the company of your family and loved ones, do not forget to eat healthily and avoid excesses.