Tijuana: The Great City of Baja California

The city of Tijuana is located on the northern border of the country. Also known as the "corner of Mexico", it invites you to walk its streets and get to know its multifaceted and vibrant culture that has been favored by the proximity of the United States.

Tijuana: The Great City of Baja California
A streetside lind with palm trees in the border city of Tijuana, Baja California. Photo by Leosprspctive / Unsplash

What today is one of the country's most progressive cities, was in 1829 a hacienda with only about 200 inhabitants, a school, and a customs house. The meaning of Tijuana in the Cochimí word means "near the water", probably because of its proximity to the sea.

During the 1940s Tijuana was a city very visited by North Americans, who came in search of some amusements prohibited at that time in their country. That image has been forgotten, being nowadays a sophisticated metropolis visited by millions of people for rest, business or to cross to the neighboring country, which makes it the busiest city in the world and the most developed and growing city in the state of Baja California, thanks to its maquiladora industry, its active commerce, and tourism with great potential.

How to get to Tijuana

Tijuana has a wide communications network that allows access to the city by different means, the most used are by car and plane, although a pier located 10 km away allows arrival by sea.

Attractions of Tijuana

The constructions of the city of Tijuana are very varied, you can find from old houses of great beauty to modern buildings; this conjunction of styles gives it a very peculiar urban aspect.

The main artery of the city is Avenida 'Revolución' where the commercial activity is concentrated, here you can find multiple places to buy handicrafts from all over the country; a special place in the attractions of Tijuana is occupied by the Agua Caliente racetrack where besides horse races the famous greyhound races take place, a show that attracts many tourists.

Other places of interest are the Fronton Palacio, where jai-alai is played, the Plaza de Toros Monumental, and the modernist-style Templo de Guadalupe. As in many other cities in the country, in Tijuana's zocalo, next to the kiosk donated by the Chinese community, you can frequently listen to the municipal band.

An interesting promenade is the Paseo de los Héroes, with its gazebos and monuments to national heroes. For culture lovers, Tijuana offers the imposing Tijuana Cultural Center, where exhibitions and shows for all tastes are presented, such as works by Diego Rivera, Russian ballet, French opera, and even a magnificent film production in the Omnimax Theater; it also has an anthropology museum, planetarium, and library.

Those interested in learning about the beauties of the interior of the country can visit Mexitlán Park, which offers a collection of miniature architectural jewels and a sample of the culture and cuisine of other states of the Republic.

Tijuana has a Country Club with a golf course and interesting monuments such as those dedicated to the Flag, the United Nations, and the Mother, as well as the site that remembers the heroes of Baja California.

The nightlife in Tijuana is of great atmosphere since it has nightclubs, bars, and discotheques; all this combined with the hospitality of its people, will make you spend moments that you will hardly be able to forget.

Handicrafts in Tijuana

The figures made by the glassblowers of Tijuana are famous; these and other handicrafts of the country can be purchased in the many stores located on Avenida Revolución and in the Tijuana Cultural Center shopping mall, where you will also find products from all over the world.

Surroundings of Tijuana

Approximately 10 km from Tijuana there are beautiful beaches with impressive waves, such as the Oasis and San Antonio del Mar, surrounded by excellent hotels.

Just 26 km away is Rosarito, a charming and quiet beach resort visited by fans of beach sports such as surfing, swimming, and exciting rides on horseback, motorcycle, or tricycle.

El Descanso is a small agricultural town founded in 1814, where the Mission of San Miguel Arcángel or de la Frontera, now in ruins, was established. The place is frequented by walkers who enjoy its beautiful beach and its dunes, where especially during the summer, motocross and incredible kite flights are practiced.

For those who like to rest and enjoy quiet beaches with fine, soft sand, we recommend the coastal resort of La Salina, which also has parking for motor homes, as well as restaurants to enjoy seafood dishes.

El Descanso and La Salina are located 20 and 25 km, respectively, from Rosarito.
Near Tijuana, approximately 36 km from Rosarito, is Puerto Nuevo, a small town of international fame thanks to the delicious fresh lobster prepared in its many establishments.

A longer but also very attractive route is the 112 km coastal road that connects Tijuana with Ensenada; for the comfort of the traveler along the way, there are plenty of resorts and small beaches, spectacular viewpoints from the top of the cliffs, hotels, restaurants, fields for trailers and motor homes, as well as craft stores.

Ensenada is an important port that offers tourists beaches with warm water and moderate waves, as well as interesting international sporting events such as regattas and car races. It has important tourist developments and there are projects for the construction of marinas and cruise ship docks. Highly recommended in Ensenada is a visit to the captivating spectacle of the Bufadora.

Festivals and fairs in Tijuana

The events that take place in Tijuana are mainly of a sporting and culinary nature; those that attract a large number of tourists are the Señorita Turismo Contest; in April and December there are cycling competitions from Tijuana to Ensenada; on September 23rd the Mexican Dish Fair is held and on December 1st, the Caesar Salad Festival.

Tijuana gastronomy

Thanks to the abundance of natural resources in the state, both agricultural and fishing, delicious dishes are prepared with great quality. Typical dishes are shark fin soup, the famous Caesar Salad, fresh shrimp cakes, and peninsular style, made with turtle meat.

Services in Tijuana

In the city of Tijuana, you can find all kinds of hotels for different budgets, car rentals, national and international restaurants, bars, money exchange offices, travel agencies, and all the services that a cosmopolitan city requires to offer visitors and make their stay the most comfortable, pleasant and fun.