These are the worst banks in Mexico

Introducing Mexico's five banks that have received the most customer complaints.

These are the worst banks in Mexico
List of Mexico's five most complained-about financial institutions. Photo by Eduardo Soares / Unsplash

People complaining against the banks with which they are affiliated is not something new it is a recurring situation that the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) has on its radar.

The Condusef itself is so alert to the reports that it made a list of the five banking institutions with the greenest hairs on the heads of their beneficiaries from January to March 2022, and these are the following.

The five banks with the most complaints in Mexico

Banco Azteca: 218,599 complaints.

Citibanamex: 124,614 complaints.

BanCoppel: 124,643 complaints.

BBVA Bancomer: 106,331 complaints.

Banorte: 96,493 complaints.

One of the biggest problems affecting users is identity theft since in the same period there were 29,255 complaints in this regard, most of them concentrated among Banco Azteca, Citibanamex, and BBVA.

Regarding this crime, Condusef shows that there has been a 378 percent increase compared to the same period in 2021.

Another recurring reason for complaints has been when users see unknown charges, a situation for which banks have returned up to 1.3 billion pesos.

What is spoofing?

Spoofing is nothing more than hacking into the caller ID so that a person steals the identity of a bank.

This allows the thief to obtain the name or number of the bank of which the victim is a customer, and thus impersonate representatives of a banking institution, insurance companies, stores, or other institutions to achieve their goal of obtaining the personal information of the beneficiary to steal money or make purchases with their accounts and cards.

With spoofing, the individual does the same to gain the trust of the victims, who once they realize that there is a certain coincidence in the data, begin to release valuable information that passes into the hands of the fraudster.