Until a few months ago there was a house in the middle of the hotel that was known as the witches' house in CancĂșn by the young people who live, study and work in this tourist area, however, until now it has been demolished, horror stories begin to emerge regarding this place.

The house was located in the heart of the hotel zone, near the famous whereabouts of Pepes Tigre, was a house that remained abandoned for many years, after the ravages of Hurricane Wilma the place was closed and until a few months ago it was in ruins thanks to the vandalism and apparently rituals that were consummated in the place.

In one of the narrations, a young woman said that between curiosity she sometimes went with a couple of friends in the place because it was day and they had made a challenge, they settled in the place that was in rubble and they found a staircase, they climbed and the surprise they found was unpleasant, inside what they mentioned they had seen, were dolls made of cloth with faces of photographs and buried needles.

"I think there was voodoo in that place, there were also spots like blood, all in the top," the girls left as soon as possible the place where supposedly practised witchcraft.

Days later they would return with a wider group of friends, where there would be men who were curious because of what they had told them they wanted to see, in the place there was nothing and for a while they stayed to take pictures and videos and stories for their social networks, without realizing they won the afternoon and the light went down, when they were leaving and they were all at the bottom they heard footsteps of people in that place and a female voice, they did not understand what they were saying but they did not stay to find out. The young woman who claims it was a witch appeared on the scene since no one could have entered without anyone of her 8 friends not being aware.

The house located on Boulevard Kukulkan Cenzontle street was one of the most mysterious in recent years for the city of Cancun, now only memories of this place are left thanks to the photographs taken by some curious who wanted to investigate what would be inside of that site and also photographs in Google Maps that reveal the terrifying part of this house that was seen in the rubble.