This is where to see the statue of Frida, the Navy rescue dog

The Secretary of the Navy presented a living homage to Frida, the rescue dog, who captured the hearts of Mexico for her work after the earthquake in 19S. Frida saved the lives of dozens of people during the disaster.

This is where to see the statue of Frida, the Navy rescue dog
The statue of Frida, SEMAR's rescue dog, is located in the Mexico City. Credit: Semar

On October 6, the Secretariat of the Navy (Semar) unveiled a statue in honor of Frida, the rescue dog, who served for nine years as an important part of the agency's canine binomials in rescue functions, but who gained popularity for her vital service after the earthquake of September 19, 2017.

Through social networks, the moment was shared, which was accompanied by the head of the Semar, José Rafael Ojeda Durán, and the National Coordinator of Civil Protection (CNPC), Laura Velázquez Alzúa; however, after the inauguration many of the Mexicans who are fond of her wondered if it was possible to visit the statue of Frida, who turned 13 years old and is already in retirement.

Where to see the statue of Frida, the rescue dog?

Unfortunately for Mexicans who wish to visit Frida's statue, access to it will not be so easy, since it is not located in any park or tourist site, but in the offices of the Headquarters of the Secretariat of the Navy, in the southern area of Mexico City.

For this reason, it will be difficult to access to see the statue of Frida, the rescue dog who found 12 people alive after the landslides of the 19-S earthquake, in addition to 40 bodies and participation in at least 53 operations in Mexico, Haiti, Guatemala, and Ecuador.

Access to the facilities must have a justified reason and, although it is not impossible to enter, it is also not a space open to the general public; however, if you manage to reach the parking lot of the offices you will be able to see the statue of Frida, which has the following legend underneath:

"In homage to the extraordinary work you had as a member of our noble institution. In gratitude for the love and affection, you continue to sow in our great Naval family, in millions of Mexicans, and beyond our borders".

Your life motivates us to continue giving everything to serve Mexico, thank you, dear Frida!

The statue was crafted by sculptor Victor Hugo, is in a life-size scale of Frida, and was depicted wearing her Navy vest and the goggles she used during her service to the Canine Unit.