A Hallmark of Excellence: The Royal Inns of Castilla y León

Many of the structures that are now Castilla y León's Royal Inns were once homes, monasteries, mills, palaces, schools, or just plain old homes and other buildings with traditional architecture.

A Hallmark of Excellence: The Royal Inns of Castilla y León
Royal Inns of Castile and León, Spain, are a Symbol of Quality. Credit: Posadas Reales Castilla y León

The "Posadas Reales" (Royal Inns) which are located in villages with monumental historical value or natural areas of great beauty has a traditional architecture that is perfectly integrated into their surroundings, among other distinguishing features that make the difference and will make your stay in rural tourism a one-of-a-kind experience.

If you have ever felt the need to remain in a special and warm spot, in a space that has had other purposes and is open to you following its restoration, that place is the "Posadas Reales de Castilla y León". 51 distinct and distinct lodgings, spaces for body and mind delight, rest, and cuisine.

The Royal Inns were previously mansions, monasteries, mills, palaces, schools, or simply buildings of traditional architecture in the area where they are located. They are located in rural locations around Castilla y León, and you are welcome to meet them and appreciate their services, as well as the tourist resources in their surroundings.

Posadas Reales de Castilla y León is a reputable brand that guarantees high-quality facilities and services that are constantly monitored. In this way, the client can be surprised, because each one is distinct in its architecture, decoration, gastronomy, and, of course, the unique area in which it is placed.

Posadas Reales can be found in all of Castilla y León's provinces and can be used as lodging for tourist routes, allowing us to learn about the region's diverse natural areas.

With charm and personality

Some of them are suggested in this text, such as touring the south of the Cantabrian Mountains and the regions of Babia, the Mountains of León and Riaño, the Mountains of Palencia and Merindades de Burgos, where you can stay in places like El Rincón de Babia, Das de Luna, Santa Mara la Real, Torre Berrueza, and El Prado Mayor.

Near the vicinity of Lake Sanabria, in Zamora, you can visit the Posadas Reales de La Pascasia, La Cartera, Las Misas, and La Yénsula, where you can view Spain's largest glacial lake and have a boat ride on its waters.

Get to know this natural space and its values in the province of Avila, in the environs of the Sierra de Gredos, picking the rest in the mountains of the Sierra de Gredos. The Royal Inns such as the Posada del Infante, El Linar del Zaire, La Casa de Arriba, La Posada de Esquiladores, Torre del Mayorazgo, and La Quinta de San José are among them. In its surroundings, you may experience forests and valleys, and castles like Mombeltrán, where the snow of the high mountains meets the fruit orchards of Gredos' south.

Along the Duero River, which runs through five provinces of Castilla y Leon, you can stay in several Posadas Reales and learn about the different landscapes and heritage, from the lands of Soria to the countryside of Valladolid and ending in the steep hills created by the Duero River on the border with Portugal: Los Templarios in Soria, Salaverri, Posada Ducal, and Monasterio de Tórtoles de Esgueva

From the holm oak pastures of the central area to the mountains of the Sierra de Francia, Candelario, and Béjar to the south, the province of Salamanca offers a variety of lodging options, including La Vadima, Palacio Carrascalino, and Faenas Camperas in the pasture area and Ruralmusical, Casa de la Sal, and Abada de San Martin in the southern sierras.

Each of these royal inns passes a set of criteria that will make your stay in rural tourism in Castilla y León one-of-a-kind. They are all located in historical-monumental communities or natural areas of great beauty, and their traditional architecture is ideally incorporated into their surroundings. They have attended to every detail in their decoration, providing their visitors with superior services, kindness in their treatment, direct contact with nature, and a stay in an accommodation with unique charm and character.