The naturalization process to obtain Mexican nationality

It is required to meet several criteria, similar to those of a naturalization process, to get Mexican citizenship as a foreigner.

The naturalization process to obtain Mexican nationality
How to become a Mexican citizen by way of naturalization. Credit: Wikimedia

It's common to hear about Mexican naturalization and to follow Mexican law these days. First of all, it's important to note that you can only be a Mexican citizen if you were born there or became one through naturalization. If a person is born in Mexico or on a Mexican plane or ship, or if his or her parents are Mexican, that person will automatically become a Mexican citizen. Other than that, there are five ways to get Mexican citizenship, which fall into the Naturalization category:

Letter of naturalization by residence
Letter of naturalization for marriage to a Mexican man or woman.
Letter of naturalization for having Mexican children by birth.
Letter of naturalization for being or having been subject to Patria Potestad or being an adopted child of Mexican nationals.
Letter of naturalization for being a native of a Latin American country or of the Iberian Peninsula.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), which is in charge of the process, says that the most common reasons on this list are living in Mexico and getting married to a Mexican. A letter of residence is used for people who want to become Mexican citizens for professional, legal, or personal reasons.

Letter of Naturalization by Residence

To be eligible for this naturalization process, it is necessary to have at least five years of proven legal residence, a situation proven using a card issued by the Ministry of the Interior (Segob).

Likewise, the applicant must not have a criminal record and must take a test that certifies that he/she speaks Spanish, knows the history of the country, and is integrated into the national culture.

The SRE offers a study guide to accredit the exam, which covers civics, the general history of Mexico, geography, population, traditions, gastronomy, and language.

Letter of Naturalization by Marriage

To obtain naturalization by marriage to a Mexican man or woman, the applicant must have been living in Mexico for at least two years and have a marriage certificate certified by the Mexican Civil Registry at least two years old.

The applicant must also sign an affidavit of veracity affirming that he/she lives in Mexico and has a marital domicile in Mexico; in addition to the corresponding exams in which he/she certifies that he/she knows Spanish and the history of Mexico.

All naturalization processes have a cost of 7,790 Mexican pesos, at least until the end of 2022. In case of failing the exam, at least 15 days must pass to retake the test and the maximum response time is 3 months. To consult all the processes, SRE makes available all the information through its website.