Under the flag of the safest region in the country, Oaxaca is one of the most chosen by tourists from all corners of the world, attracted by Mexican food, culture, accommodations, and people, but, above all, the wonderful and idyllic beaches. It is for this reason that the most exclusive hotels in Oaxaca, with the highest number of visitors for years, are those located a short distance from these coasts.

They are buildings of beautiful eco-responsible architecture, but full of luxuries and details that provide many services to the traveler so that the experience is unique and unforgettable. But while tourism is always good for the economy, and one must ensure the welfare of visitors, there are also times when we want to escape from the most touristy areas in order to have some peace and quiet. For that reason, let's keep track of which beaches are the most visited by tourists.

Tourism in Oaxaca

Oaxaca is known worldwide as the Thailand of America. This is due to the resemblance of its coasts with those of the Asian country. Of course, this brings a huge number of tourists who bet on sustainable or more natural destinations, fleeing from the massiveness and ostentatiousness of other places like Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

The most striking thing is that, in case you didn't know, with more than 4 million inhabitants, there are almost 1,500 hotels in Oaxaca. Tourism represents the 3rd main activity of the region.

What differentiates Oaxaca from other famous places and destinations is the so-called ecotourism. This offers an experience of connection with nature and with our culture, which is not so present in other states. Therefore, it is not difficult to find a hotel in Oaxaca with ecological responsibility.

Which are the most touristic beaches in the region?

Of course, every beach has its charm and this is something everybody is aware of. Perhaps one is so accustomed to seeing them that he or she may not be able to fully appreciate the attractiveness of the region. But there are some that, for one reason or another, attract a greater influx of daily visitors.

Puerto Escondido

Or better known as "Costa Esmeralda", due to the color of its waters, it is one of the most popular beach areas for tourists, in addition to the fact that its services and restaurants are quite inexpensive. Another attractive point is the boat rental, which allows you to tour the different nearby bays.


This is one of the "hidden beaches" of Puerto Escondido. Tourists choose it when they are looking for peace and to get away from street vendors. This is due to its unique access: the 200 steps you have to climb just to get there. It has a moderate swell if you want to go with small children, but it is actually a very popular destination for surfing tourists because at the bottom the waves become more pronounced.

Puerto Angelito Beach

Chosen by those who want to experience a natural spectacle, watching dolphins and turtles swim freely. Perhaps you are not aware of the attraction of this particularity of these coasts. It is for this reason that many tourists choose this beach for diving or snorkeling. The negative point is that this attraction makes it one of the most visited beaches. There will not be a day when it is not an anthill of people from early in the morning.

Sailor Beach

This beach is the most chosen by families with children. Since its waters are calm and it is easy to access. In addition, it is a good place to teach and learn the first steps for water activities.


According to the tourism pages, this is the best beach in the Oaxaca region. Its fame is not only due to the many internationally known events that took place there, but also because it is one of the most sought after for surfing. Sportsmen from all over the world travel just to practice this sport in what is considered the 3rd best surfing beach in the world.


It is the hippie destination of the region. Tourists consider it a magical town. And of course, the beaches are known for their turtles.


We can not fail to mention this beach that generates so much commotion among visitors to Oaxaca. Well, we should know that, if we are modest, we don't have to go near these shores. This is the only official beach that allows the practice of nudism in the whole country.

Coral beach

It is an ideal beach to recommend to tourists who want to go to stay away from civilization. What we can not fail to emphasize is that they should not carry plastic and leave garbage.

Aragon Port

The same happens with this beach whose attraction is precisely the scarcity of economic activity in the area. If you are from around here, surely you have found yourself giving up part of your garden for a tent, or giving a room to a tourist.

El Arrocito Beach

This coast, which does not boast for being the largest in the area, is surrounded by luxury hotels that take advantage of the view of the sea in this corner of our beloved Oaxaca. Its name is due to the particularity of its sand, the only difference in the area.

Getting to know these beaches is a must for tourists, so if you want to escape from this maelstrom of travelers thirsty for adventure, it is better to keep them in mind in order to avoid them. On the other hand, if you love meeting new people, an afternoon in these crowded destinations will give you the chance to meet people from almost every corner of the world.

Source: e-consulta.com