It is clear that automobiles are driven by design. No matter how many attributes a specific model has if it does not have an attractive design it will not be able to gather the expected sales. As with many things, the phrase "out of sight comes love" also applies to vehicles. So, considering how important image is, car brands are constantly seeking to innovate in bodywork lines to create captivating vehicles from an aesthetic point of view.

Although the taste for the design of a vehicle is purely subjective, there are those who see it from an objective point of view. Such is the case of the Festival Automobile International de Paris, which honors the most beautiful cars by means of a vote among expert designers. Under its expertise in design, especially in the automotive, the qualifying jury of this organization that rewards the most beautiful cars in the world was given the task of finding the most beautiful vehicles of 2021.

When it comes to the hypercar category, the 36th edition of the Festival Automobile International chose among four finalists the Bugatti Bolide as the most beautiful car in the world.

Undoubtedly, the numerous air ducts and the delicate design of the front end, more reminiscent of aerodynamically sophisticated Formula 1 cars than of a hypercar, were the elements that put this model of the French-born brand at the top. Other elements that caught the designers' attention were the low body design, the roof inlet, the rear diffuser, and the rear spoiler.

This new hypercar will move from experimental concept to production maturity over the next three years with very few changes, technically or visually, compared to this award-winning design. Bugatti will produce only 40 units of the Bolide at a net unit price of four million euros each, with the first deliveries scheduled for 2024.

Source: AS