The Joy of Microgreens and Multi-Stage Extended Harvests

Skip waiting for full-grown veggies! Reseeding leafy greens and herbs lets you harvest super young “microgreens” for tender flavor. Weed naturally (even with vinegar!) to help your plants thrive. Feed them rich compost for tastier results.

The Joy of Microgreens and Multi-Stage Extended Harvests
A gardener carefully pulling weeds by hand from a bed of leafy vegetables.

Salad lovers, herb enthusiasts, listen up! Your garden doesn't have to be all about long-term investments. Think small, think tender, think microgreens. You know that satisfying feeling of planting a seed, seeing it sprout, and patiently waiting for it to fill out? That's awesome, but what if I told you there's a way to get fresh, tasty greens even faster?

Sure, a big head of lettuce or a sprawling parsley plant has its place. But reseeding those leafy salad delights and herbs means you're in for a treat – repeated harvests! Snip off those little leaves when they're just babies, and you'll get tender, mild flavors that make mature leaves taste like cardboard.

And get this – you can eat some now AND let some grow. It's like having multiple harvests from one plot. Those young greens come up fast, filling your salad bowl while big brother is still taking his sweet time to mature. Now that's smart gardening!

Speaking of things growing where they shouldn't, let's talk weeds. Those pesky green invaders compete with your veggies for all the good stuff. Sure, chemicals might make 'em wilt, but do you really want that near your food? No way!

Why not go old-school? Get those hands dirty and pull weeds out the natural way. Need extra punch? Vinegar to the rescue! Its acidity can zap most weeds without leaving nasty residues.

Your plants are hungry little monsters, and they want only the best. Skip the fertilizer aisle at the store and head straight to your compost pile. That black gold is nature's premium plant food. A little bone meal or well-aged manure, and you've got a gourmet buffet for your greens. Healthy soil, happy plants, delicious rewards!

So, there you have it. Reseed those greens and herbs, get your hands dirty weeding, and feed your plants the good stuff. Then, start snipping away at those baby greens! It's gardening, but with a deliciously impatient twist. Your salads will thank you.

Did you know?

  • You can grow microgreens in containers or small trays, even indoors!
  • Some microgreens have higher nutrient concentrations than their mature counterparts.
  • Experiment with flavors: try microgreens like radish for a peppery kick, or sunflower for a nutty taste.

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