What can you do in Tepotzotlan? Tourist places to visit

Tepotzotlan in the State of Mexico is a destination full of tradition. From a visit to the majestic National Museum of the Viceroyalty to a nocturnal stroll.

What can you do in Tepotzotlan? Tourist places to visit
Arcos del Sitio, Tepotzotlan, Mexico. Photo by Juan Pablo Campos León / Unsplash

Tepotzotlan is a must-visit municipality of the State of Mexico. Its name is composed of two Nahua words that mean "next to the hunchback". It is a corner of the country rich in history, art, tradition, and culture, which still preserves the candor and feeling of the Mexican province. It offers visitors tourist attractions for the healthy recreation and relaxation of the whole family.

Attractions in Tepotzotlan

In the viceregal era, Tepotzotlan was home to the Jesuit schools of San Martin and San Francisco Javier. Great talents paraded through this school that in the golden age of the Viceroyalty gave luster to the Sciences and Arts. Among them we can mention Carlos de Siguenza y Góngora, Francisco Javier Clavijero and Eusebio Nino.

The National Museum of the Viceroyalty, an architectural jewel of the Colony, has the most complete collection of objects from the Viceroyalty period, such as paintings, sculptures, ivories, weapons, religious objects, porcelain, furniture, etc. The former Jesuit College envelops the visitor in a mystical atmosphere, ample spaces, and beautiful gardens that transport us to 17th century Mexico. The former Jesuit College envelops the visitor in a mystical atmosphere, with ample spaces and beautiful gardens that transport us to 17th century Mexico. Be sure to visit it.

The Viceroyalty Historical Center, surrounded by wide plazas and large portals of gray quarry stone, houses restaurants that offer the tourist the most varied national and international cuisine, restaurants of antojitos, stores, and handicrafts market, from there you can see the imposing facade of the Temple of San Francisco Javier, famous for its wooden altarpieces stewed in gold.

In an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, surrounded by extensive green areas, is Xochitla, Conference Center, which offers ample spaces and luxurious facilities to companies and institutions for special events, seminars, conferences, and courses. It is also dedicated to environmental education through group work, recreation, and sports activities. Its facilities are located in the heart of a 70-hectare hacienda with trees and the most modern equipment and services.

Handicrafts of Tepotzotlan

In the center of the municipality, there are multiple stores where you can buy handicrafts from all over the country and also those produced by the artisans of the region, who preserve the tradition of the feather art and the backstrap loom to make huipiles, shawls, belts, backpacks, etc.

Surroundings of Tepotzotlan

Founded by the Franciscans in the XVI century, in San Mateo Xóloc, 4 km on the road to Villa del Carbon, is the Temple of San Mateo Apostle. In this place, there is an atrial cross of enclosure stone carved with images of the Passion of Christ and topped with Liz flowers. A piece of great artistic and architectural value.

La Presa, better known as La Concha, is the scene of nautical events and a place for relaxation; it was built between 1947 and 1948. For safety reasons, swimming is not allowed in this area. Get organized and enjoy these places.

The Xalpa Aqueduct, known as Arcos del Sitio, is the highest in the world. It is located 22 km from Tepotzotlán, on a fully paved road. Colossal work of the XVIII century projected by the Jesuit Father Pedro Berinstáin, whose superior arcade exceeds 450 m in length and its wall is 2 m thick, it is an ideal place for days in the countryside, horseback riding and savoring Mexican snacks.

Located 18 km from Tepozotián, on the road to Villa del Carbón is a true wonder of nature made up of the ancient Ahuehuete de la Ex-hacienda de Lanzarote, at whose foot a spring of pure and crystalline water is born; next to it you will find the impressive hacienda of elegant military architecture that evokes the Mexico of the 19th century.

Tepotzotián is surrounded by beautiful places with tourist attractions: Santiago Cuauutlalpan, Los Dolores, Cuautitlán, Teoloyucan, Coyotepec, Huehuetoca, Villa del Carbón, Villa Nicolás Romero and the Tula Route.

Festivals and fairs of Tepotzotlan

In the town, the altars of Dolores are traditional during Lent, culminating with a Way of the Cross on Good Friday. On May 3, the feast of the Holy Cross is celebrated, with music, fireworks, etc. The patron saint festivities, in honor of St. Peter and St. Paul, are celebrated on June 29 and the second week of September, respectively, the latter being combined with the 15th of September, a traditional celebration where the cry of Independence is remembered.

In Santiago Cuatlalpan, the feast in honor of Santiago Apóstol is celebrated on July 25. In Xóloc, San Mateo is honored on September 21. Our Lady of the Angels is celebrated on August 2 in the town of Cañadas de Cisneros. The festivities in honor of San Miguel Arcángel are celebrated in the town of the same name on September 29.

On December 8 and 12, respectively, the Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Guadalupe are commemorated throughout the community, culminating the year with the traditional Pastorelas, which last until the 23rd. You are invited to share them here in the town of Tepotzotlan. You will have a great time.

Gastronomy of Tepotzotlan

Tepotzotlan has restaurants offering local snacks, typical dishes, and international cuisine. Also, in the market located behind the Municipal Government, you can enjoy the traditional cheese, mushroom, and huitlacoche quesadillas, as well as sopes, pambazos, birria, and pancita.

Tepotzotlan Services

In the town of Tepotzotlan, there are several types of lodging, where you can stop to rest, cabs, banks, and dance clubs.