This is the adventurous way to enjoy Teotihuacán: you ride a bicycle and set out to tour the entire area. With the Teotihuacán by bike operator, it is not only about renting bicycles, but also about guided tours along fascinating routes and to unsuspected destinations. Of course, many travelers take the excursions around the archaeological zone, or the mixed tours -by bike and on foot- to get closer to the pyramids. One of the most popular tours is the one that goes to a sacred cave of the ancient Teotihuacans.

Another allows you to discover the most beautiful corners of the magical towns of San Juan Teotihuacán and San Martín de las Pirámides. The most demanding, however, look for the touring tours that cover dozens of kilometers to visit the old pulque haciendas of the area, Acolman, Otumba, Oxtotipac, or even the monumental arches of the Padre Tembleque Aqueduct (located 30 kilometers (19 miles) to the northeast). What kind of excursion on wheels do you want? Teotihuacán by bike prepares it for you.

Perhaps the best thing about this tour operator is the quality of their services. The guides know the best routes and the most reliable places to stop and rest or have a snack. Their equipment is of excellent quality (they also offer tandem bikes and trailers for children). Their safety and sanitary protocols are endorsed by the international adventure tourism organization Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA).

Furthermore, for years they have been the only tour operator in Mexico with a Socially Responsible Company (ESR) certificate. For big and safe fun, nothing like it. Emiliano Zapata 2B, San Francisco Mazapa (very close to Gate 4 of the archaeological zone).

Source: Turismo Edomex