About ' N+', the new Televisa News platform

The N+ digital project by Televisa encompasses all of the company's news content, including that broadcast on FOROtv and Channel 2.

About ' N+', the new Televisa News platform
Televisa. Image via Wikimedia

Following Televisa's merger with Univision, the company owned by Emilio Azcarraga Jean announced "N+", a new streaming channel that will screen all news content produced by N+Media, Noticieros Televisa, FOROtv, N+Local, N+Focus, and N+Docs. This is with the intention of having the widest offer of programs of this type, but with new formats and narratives.

The company informed that in addition to the already consolidated contents, such as those broadcasted on Channel 2 (De las Estrellas) and FOROtv, the new platform will add other productions, including special investigations, documentaries, and cultural information. The main media on which the content will be shown as of today will be TelevisaUnivisión México's channels, VIX, and the website www.nmas.com.mx.

The objective of the new project, headed by Daniel Buendía, is "to continue to be the most important news referent in the country and to serve an audience that seeks information to make the best decisions based on a plural, diverse, and close to the people". They also emphasize their intention to adapt to the different communication platforms and to adhere to the "best practices of journalism worldwide".

The management team is made up of Otoniel Ochoa, Director of Operations; Amador Narcia, Director of Information; Yolanda Ocampo, Director of Content; Diego Carvajal, Digital Director; and Gustavo Torres, Director of Technoogía. Omar Sánchez Tagle heads N+Focus (Investigative Journalism Unit) and Marijean Kushfe heads N+Docus (Documentaries).

Among the communicators that make up "N+" are: Denise Maerker, René Delgado, Danielle Dithurbide, Genaro Lozano, Raymundo Riva Palacio, Leo Zuckermann, Paola Rojas, Karla Iberia Sánchez and Carlos Hurtado.

Televisa reveals all telenovelas to premiere in 2022

Surely you enjoyed the telenovelas that arrived on Televisa. The Mexican TV channel is already preparing new proposals for 2022, and this week it revealed which ones they are. These new telenovelas will have stories full of love and passion, starring the favorite actors of the moment, according to Televisa. The telenovelas confirmed for 2022 are as follows.

Amor Dividido (Divided Love)

It is produced by Angelli Nesma, who brings us Eva Cedeño, Gabriel Soto, Andrés Palacios and Irina Baeva. Filming took place in Zacatlán de las Manzanas, Puebla, San Antonio, Texas and Mexico City. It is currently being promoted by Las Estrellas and will arrive on January 17 at 6:30 pm.

Corona de Lágrimas 2 (Crown of Tears 2)

Set 10 years after what happened in the first part, "Corona de Lágrimas" will return to continue the story of the life of "Refugio" and her three children.  The actors and actresses who will star in this story are Victoria Rulfo, Alejandro Nones, José María Torre, Mane de la Parra, Ernesto Laguardia, Maribel Guardia and África Zavala. This telenovela does not yet have an exact premiere date, but it will surely arrive in Las Estrellas sometime in 2022.

Los ricos también lloran (The rich also cry)

Starring Sebastián Rulli and Claudia Martin, the telenovela "Los ricos también lloran" returns with a new version of the one that premiered in 1979. Carlos Bardasano was in charge of the production of this new and improved version. The cast is also joined by Lorena Graniewicz, Diego Klein, Mario Moran, Thalí García, Michelle Jurado and Hugo Catalán. The telenovela will be available soon.

Corazón Guerrero (Tentative title, Warrior Heart)

This new telenovela will replace "Contigo sí" in the 4:30 p.m. time slot. As this production is still in process, there is very little information about the plot, however, it is known that Alejandra Espinoza, Rodrigo Guirao, and Gonzalo García Vivanco will be the main characters. The novela produced by Salvador Mejía still has a premiere date to be confirmed.

A Gloria Trevi Bioseries

Carla Estrada is in the process of playing the role of Gloria Trevi for her series, which will reveal details of the singer's life through Las Estrellas. According to Televisa, this new production will try to tell Trevi's story "as close to reality and as sensitive as possible". It will soon arrive at Las Estrellas.

Vencer la ausencia (Overcoming Absence)

Rosy Ocampo has had a resounding success with the "Vencer" franchise, so now she is working on the fourth installment that will be called "Vencer la ausencia". According to Televisa, this production is expected to arrive in July 2022.