Tec de Monterrey, the first university in Mexico that issues blockchain degrees


The Tecnológico de Monterrey joins the group of universities in issuing degrees by blockchain, being the first in Mexico to implement this cutting-edge technological initiative worldwide, which will facilitate the authenticity verification of students' academic credentials in real time, in a safe and reliable way through the Internet.

Along with nine other universities, the Tec de Monterrey is part of the group that works on the design of a global infrastructure for academic credentials in a digital format
Along with nine other universities, the Tec de Monterrey is part of the group that works on the design of a global infrastructure for academic credentials in a digital format
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Through this, employers, potential partners, educational institutions, companies and organizations from anywhere in the world can corroborate the authenticity of the training of Tec students, without having to go to the institution. Thus, the needs of students of academic and professional mobility in Mexico and internationally are met.

Thanks to this technology, you can always have access to your title, verify it and share it by email, text message or social network profile, to strategically interact with other professionals or the labor market.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a public and decentralized database that allows digital transactions in a secure manner, creating relationships of trust between users. Blockcerts open standard, created in 2016 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, allows issuing digital credentials based on blockchain, which facilitates their linkage in different environments.

"Issuing our titles in a digital format based on Blockchain is a great step that allows our graduates to electronically share their academic credentials; Today is the titles, but in the future, it will be extended to other types of certifications. This brings benefits to employers, institutions, and organizations around the world. We trust that in the future this technology will have a lot of impact in different areas of society. We as a university will be exploring new and different uses," said David Garza, rector of Tecnológico de Monterrey.

The Tec has been a pioneer in the incorporation of new technologies in learning and services to its students, such as the first Internet connection in Mexico, the laptop requirement for all its students, the first class using two-dimensional projection with hologram effect, among others. contributions. The use of Blockchain in the issuance of professional degrees is a great step that will open the doors for other uses, since the institution, along with nine other universities is part of the group that works in the design of a global infrastructure for academic credentials in a format digital.

What are the benefits of having a professional title in blockchain

1. It is verifiable: Employers and institutions can validate their authenticity in real time, without going to the issuer.

2. It is sharable: You can share with whomever you decide, even publish it on professional social networks.

3. It is inalterable: The records cannot be modified after being generated so that possible frauds are reduced.

4. It has a world standard: It is issued under a highly accepted open standard (Blockcerts).

The Tec joins the group of pioneering universities in the implementation of blockchain technology to issue academic credentials, among which are also the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the National University of Singapore.

For several years, the institution began a process of transforming its Educational Model Tec21 with the aim of strengthening those skills that will be required in students to better face the challenges of the present and the future. Therefore, it is constantly analyzing the technologies and projects with megatrends that add high value to education, such as virtual reality, the internet of things, telepresence, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, among others, to develop those that offer strong benefits. in the formation of your student community.

Each year about 11 thousand students graduate from all the Tecnológico de Monterrey campuses, who from May 2019 will start their journey as world-class professionals supported by technology that will give them greater support and links with key players from around the world. Soon this benefit will be extended to all EXATEC.

by Tecnológico de Monterrey

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