Watch: A huge crocodile stops traffic in Altamira, Tamaulipas

At least two meters in length, the crocodile was a traffic hazard on a street in Altamira, Tamaulipas, before it was captured and released back into its natural environment.

Watch: A huge crocodile stops traffic in Altamira, Tamaulipas
Crocodile crosses avenue in Tamaulipas and goes viral. Image: Screenshot

Where did the crocodile come from? On Tuesday afternoon, on La Industria Avenue in the municipality of Altamira, in Tamaulipas, a huge crocodile of approximately two meters long was captured on video while walking calmly crossing the road, so the traffic had to be stopped by the citizens and put the specimen to safety.

Two men were the brave ones who approached the crocodile to help it so that it could cross the avenue without being run over by the cars circulating on the avenue. The scene was captured on video by a citizen and later shared on social networks, causing surprise among users.

The situation was reported to the Fire Department, who went to the place and managed to capture the crocodile to take it to an area away from the urban area and reintegrate it into its habitat. In the video of the moment, the crocodile can be seen walking calmly across the avenue and two men cross the road and signal the motorists to stop to avoid an accident, while the animal continues on its way.

Where did the crocodile come from in Tamaulipas?

It is worth mentioning that this situation is recurrent in the area due to the increase of the lagoons and canals due to the rains of the last weeks. Civil Protection authorities report the capture of at least 16 crocodiles of different sizes per week, so the exhortation to the citizens is to report it to the emergency number 911 and not to try to capture them.

In Altamira, Tamaulipas, a huge crocodile was photographed as it made its way across Industrial Avenue.

Crocodile kills and drags a man to a sewer in Tampico

A man was attacked by a huge crocodile in the waters of the Carpintero Lagoon in Tampico, Tamaulipas, allegedly the young man entered the water for no apparent reason and lost his life there.

The facts were reported this Thursday morning to the emergency services, so elements of the Fire Department, the State Police, and Civil Protection cordoned off the area for the rescue of the young man's body.

After more than an hour of trying to recover the man's body, they managed to locate the crocodile in a culvert in the Volantín sector on Arenal Street, in front of the Carpintero Lagoon.