Table dance in Mexico is adapting to the pandemic

A Mexican company has moved table dance into homes to perform sensual movements at a safe distance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Table dance in Mexico is adapting to the pandemic
In times of coronavirus, "table dance" services are also transformed in Mexico. Image from Pixabay

Susan Vazquez and two other colleagues enter the room that a client prepared with a smile. They are part of a Mexican company that has moved table dance into homes to perform sensual movements at a safe distance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Susan has been involved in these dances for five years, has been on television and danced with multiple artists, and for the past two years has been part, as a team leader, of the company Mi último beso, which offers table dance services in the home for the quarantine.

In an interview, she says: "It is not an essential activity, but we are an art entertainment and all the people have looked for us to celebrate occasions. People are looking for some fun, a moment of peace because they have been locked up for a long time".

Together with her team, Susan creates choreographies adapted to the moment. On this occasion, when the Day of the Dead approaches, they have a special show starring a catrina who wears a spectacular hat and is surrounded by dancers who maintain the so-called healthy distance.

Keeping a healthy distance

Since its inception eight years ago, My Last Kiss set itself the task of safeguarding the safety of clients. After the economic closure of March, April, and May due to the new coronavirus, Valente Estrada, director of the company, saw the need to implement a health protocol.

Thus, when the dancers arrive at home, the temperature is measured and shown to the customer. Then the same is done with the host or hosts and the area where the performance will take place is disinfected.

It is then when the show can begin: wiggling, loud music, fun, and eroticism, but everything with mouth guards and the required distance.

"People are still afraid and scared, but the show is a must for all of us. As we have been working for years, we have clients of many years and a lot of confidence (...) The show has to continue, has to continue... This is part of us since times that many of us do not even remember and here we will continue", says Estrada.

This is the case of Ricardo Jacobo Arias, a regular client for three years who on this occasion enjoys watching the three girls dance.

"It's an art show, I think there is more now the need to have the show in our house like any other service because at the end of the day it is to be locked up and be so long without human contact. We like this and we know it is healthy. Just as there are shows for children there are also shows for adults, it is a time of entertainment," says Arias. Along with two other friends, this client admires the eroticism of the women's dance, who say they enjoy their work and feel safe in the face of the coronavirus in Mexico.

At all times the dancers are accompanied by two security men of the company to prevent any problem with customers, in a country that suffers a crisis of male violence, with the murder of 10 women every day.

"The clients are usually known. They cover themselves for being in their home and that's why we like it because they are safe and they also take care of us from the agency," says Vazquez.