Armed commando steals four patrol cars in Sonora

How an armed commando tried to free three members of his criminal group who were detained in Sonora.

Armed commando steals four patrol cars in Sonora
Four patrol cars are stolen by armed commandos to rescue detained criminals but fail in the attempt. Photo: Sonora State Police

Like a scene out of an action movie, on Saturday night an armed group tried to rescue three alleged criminals who had been detained, confronted with bullets by elements of the State Police in the municipality of Altar, Sonora, where they were robbed of four units.

The events took place after the arrest in Caborca of Israel "N", Carlos "N", and Jesús "N", who are members of a cartel operating in the north of Sonora and who, according to the State Security Secretariat, is responsible for most of the violent acts in that region.

However, in the vicinity of the municipality of Altar, an armed commando tried to free them and clashed with State Public Security Police, whom they managed to seize four units.

At that moment a code red was activated, and elements of the Army, National Guard, and the State Police responded, managing to repel the aggression and no element was injured.

Given this, the decision had to be made to transfer the three detainees in a National Guard helicopter, so the highway was closed for several hours while the areas were being maneuvered, and the detainees were handed over to the Attorney General's Office of the Republic.

In all these actions, six assault rifles, a short weapon, tactical equipment, and a vehicle with a theft report were also seized. In addition, the four State Police patrols were recovered abandoned on a road near the municipality of Caborca, hours later.

The spokesperson for the State Security Secretariat informed this Sunday that the operation in the region of Caborca and the Altar desert will continue to be active permanently, to guarantee the safety of the citizens.