Six Flags reopens with reduced seating capacity in Mexico

The Six Flags amusement park will operate with controls for access to its rides to minimize contact among its attendees. Here are the details.

Six Flags reopens with reduced seating capacity in Mexico
Six Flags in Mexico is reopening its doors with reduced seating capacity. Image by Photo_Bomber from Pixabay

Amusement park operator Six Flags Entertainment Corp. reopened its theme park in Mexico as it prepares to welcome the public to its two California properties on April 3. The company, known for roller coasters such as El Toro, Batman the Ride, and Bizarro, said the parks will operate at reduced attendance levels following state regulations for reopening theme parks and that extensive security measures will be implemented.

The theme park's website provides information on the hours during which the theme park will be open, as well as the possibility of making reservations to avoid crowds. Six Flags developed customized plans for access to rides and attractions to minimize contact between groups and follow healthy distance guidelines. Strategies to separate visitors include empty lines and leaving empty seats in the ride gondolas.

The news comes a day after Walt Disney reported that it will reopen two California theme parks on April 30 to a limited number of attendees, more than a year after closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Six Flags Entertainment, based in Arlington, Texas, was also forced to close some parks in 2020 and operate others at minimal capacity as a surge in COVID-19 cases prompted nationwide restrictions. This forced the theme park operator to reduce its workforce by 10 percent in October. Still, the company said last month it would hire thousands of workers this year as it prepares to reopen.