Six Flags Mexico reopens its doors after closing for Covid-19


On March 14th, Six Flags Mexico closed its doors to reduce the risk of contagion from Covid-19. After being closed for more than seven months, this Friday its doors were reopened. Access is restricted to 7,000 people per day. To enter, it is necessary to register through the park's website.

As a method for detecting people with symptoms related to coronavirus in Mexico, a camera was installed to check the temperature of visitors and collaborators, this camera is placed before the ticket offices and turnstiles. To enter the park it is mandatory to use mouth guards for both visitors and employees in general. If the mouth guards are not available, the park has installed a store that offers mouthguards with its design.

At this stage of reopening, the water features will remain out of service to prevent visitors from removing the mask and closed sets where airflow is insufficient and may represent a possible source of infection. In the case of rides or mountains with wagons, people who visit the park alone will not be able to share the car with strangers, only with family members or people from the same group.

In all the attractions in service, the healthy distance and the use of mouthguards are mandatory, for that the staff of the mountain park was trained with 3 courses in person and via the internet. All employees are instructed to guide visitors to apply the health measures correctly.

In the different areas of food sales, glass and plastic were placed to avoid contact between employees and consumers. In the case of the food and beverage consumption areas, the tables were separated by 2 meters from each other to avoid contact.

As part of the new normality, 16 resting points were assigned to provide resting areas without face masks in the entire park with a capacity for six people. The maximum time spent in these special areas is 10 minutes where only people from the same group can interact.

For hand disinfection, five centers were installed throughout the park, each with four keys, soap, and disinfectant gel. In addition to this measure, the fun center has 17 individual sinks that are located in the food stations and restaurants.

The mechanical equipment is sanitized every time the visitors come down and the most frequented areas are sanitized every 30 minutes. In all its facilities, 70 dispensers with antibacterial gel were placed, in total there are 100 liters of antibacterial gel considered for each day.

Sanitizing mats, antibacterial gel, healthy distance signs, and digital thermometers were placed in the different restaurants located within Six Flags Mexico. It is strictly forbidden to eat or drink during the transfer from one place to another, so all the collaborators are on the alert to ask visitors to use the mouthpiece at all times.

For the reopening, the park has 50 percent of its collaborators, approximately 150 people for all areas, considering that the maximum entrance allowed is 7000 attendees.

At this stage of reopening Six Flags, the largest park in Mexico will open its doors from 10:00 to 19:00 hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. During the period of the Dead Season, it will remain open on October 30 and 31 and on Sunday 1 and Monday 2 of November with the same schedule.

Unlike other years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Horror Festival was suspended considering that most of the attractions are held in closed places with little air flow.