10 alleged criminals were killed during a shootout in Texcaltitlan

Alleged armed civilians clashed with security forces in this municipality in southern Mexico City; officers were also wounded and civilians detained.

10 alleged criminals were killed during a shootout in Texcaltitlan
This is how an alleged shooting was heard in Texcaltitlán, in the south of the State of Mexico. Photo: Agencies

A confrontation between alleged members of organized crime and a caravan of different security forces left at least 10 dead and wounded, as well as some detainees. The events reportedly occurred in an area adjacent to the Sultepec-Texcaltitlán highway this morning.

According to information provided by the state prosecutor's office, a heavily armed group attacked members of the institution, 3 of them were injured, and only two were taken to a hospital.

During the scuffle, 7 probable aggressors were detained, 4 of them were injured and 10 more died at the scene. It should be noted that the Prosecutor's Office assures that the response of its elements was a legitimate use of force.

Finally, after this shooting, 20 R-15 type long arms, short arms, useful cartridges, 5 vehicles, bulletproof vests, military uniforms, and communication equipment were seized.

Watch the gunbattle video on YouTube here.

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