Shark Tower, Cancun's new iconic building

Shark Tower Puerto Cancun, the most luxurious residential tower in Latin America. Luximia invested more than 127 million dollars in the design and construction of this exclusive complex of 134 apartments each with a unique design.

Shark Tower, Cancun's new iconic building
Shark Tower Puerto Cancun, the most luxurious residential tower in Latin America. Publicity image.

With an investment of more than US$127 million, Luximia inaugurated Shark Tower Puerto Cancun, the most iconic residential building in Latin America, for its impressive shark fin architecture, luxury amenities, and its contribution to saving this endangered species through the Saving Our Sharks Foundation.

The exclusive residential complex, with 134 apartments -each with a unique and exclusive design- distributed over 20 levels and six mansions with their natural pool and underwater parking, is a combination of engineering, design, technology, and sustainability.

Luxury is found in every detail, offering among its state-of-the-art amenities a world-class spa, marina with 20 yacht slips, kids club, business center, gym, spa, and a suspended infinity pool on the 11th floor.

The tower

At 70 meters high, the tower seeks to become not only an emblem of design and exquisite elegance but also of environmental awareness, as it is the only project of its kind designed to contribute to and preserve this endangered species that inhabits the Caribbean Sea, thanks to the fact that a percentage of its sales will go to Saving Our Sharks, a group that has the support of the renowned Mexican diver Alberto Friscione.

The luxury megaproject, which began more than three years ago and generated close to 500 direct jobs, was designed by a group of architects, including Enrique Manero and Ernesto Zárate, who were part of the Luximia architecture group.

Its construction was carried out with the highest quality materials that keep the spaces at a cool temperature, which reduces the use of electrical energy and mitigates the carbon footprint, in addition to the fact that the natural pools of the mansions are cleaned through non-aggressive treatments with nature.

This intelligent building has, among its innovative systems, anti-hurricanes gates with thermal insulation factor that optimizes energy resources and floating docks whose inputs have LEED certification, being the only marina in Cancun to have it, which avoids affecting the seabed allowing versatility of the boats.

This majestic vertical development commercializes, among its residential offer, apartments from one to four bedrooms, with a different design so that each owner has a unique residence; 6 mansions of one thousand eighty square meters, four floors and six bedrooms, whose prices range from 600 thousand to 6.5 million dollars, which have been sold mainly among national buyers.

The most emblematic and responsible construction of the Mexican Caribbean is located in Puerto Cancun, a gated community with access to the beach club, magnificent views of the golf course, private marina, and spectacular shopping center.