Watch: Sea storm leaves three injured in Playa del Carmen

The sea storm appeared in Playa del Carmen this weekend. The strong winds "rolled" three people into the sand causing injuries.

Watch: Sea storm leaves three injured in Playa del Carmen
A storm at sea has wounded three people in Playa del Carmen.

A waterspout formed this weekend in the coastal area of the Caribbean Sea in Quintana Roo. Three tourists who were at a beach club were injured. It happened in Playa del Carmen, where at midday on Sunday, a huge column of water could be seen advancing into the sea.

The image captured shows how the strong winds swept away umbrellas, lounge chairs, tables, and other objects. Everything flew away. At least three tourists who were on the beach were bruised and scratched, so they had to be attended to by Civil Protection lifeguards without having to be taken to a hospital.

Waterspouts are a kind of tornado created over the sea due to differences in pressure and heat. They are common on the Mexican coasts, although they rarely go ashore, where they can become dangerous, as on this occasion.

What is a sea squall?

A waterspout is a funnel-shaped hydrometeorological phenomenon that contains an intense vortex or whirlpool that occurs over a body of water. It is usually connected to a cumuliform cloud (i.e., a group of clouds piled together).

Waterspouts are divided into two types: tornadic (tornadoes over water) and non-tornadic (formed within a severe, organized, and persistent thunderstorm called a supercell).

Although they are of short duration, they can generate hurricane-force winds of more than 300 kilometers per hour, which can cause roofs to blow off and trees to fall, since their behavior is very similar to that of a tornado.

What to do in the case of waterspouts?

If you are sailing and are caught in a waterspout, head in the opposite direction.

Always wear a life jacket and put it on as soon as you see it.

If you are swimming, get out of the water quickly and look for a safe place on land to take shelter.

If the waterspout reaches land and there is no time to find adequate shelter, drop to the ground and stay there until the danger passes.

Never stay inside a car, tent, or mobile home.

At least three people were hurt in a storm at sea near Playa del Carmen.