Alert for the presence of scorpions in Guadalajara during the hot season

The Guadalajara City Hall warned that during this hot season, it is common that scorpions to begin to come out, as they are of warm weather.

Alert for the presence of scorpions in Guadalajara during the hot season
Warning about the presence of scorpions in Guadalajara during the hot season. Photo by Kelsey Dody / Unsplash

The government of Guadalajara, in collaboration with the Municipal Medical Services, asked citizens to take precautions due to the increased presence of scorpions during this hot season. According to the medical director of the Ernesto Arias Green Cross Unit, Emmanuel Hernandez Vazquez, the scorpions are looking for a warm habitat.

"Now that the hot season begins, it is very common that these arachnids start to come out, they are warm weather. At night, in places where there is humidity, they begin to proliferate and, therefore, it is a situation in which citizens are frequently affected by a bite from these insects."

This Green Cross unit is part of the Centro Regional de Investigación y Atención Toxicológica (CRIAT) of the Municipal Medical Services of Guadalajara.

The CRIAT has supplies such as antidotes and serums to treat scorpion bites and other venomous animals such as capulin and fiddler spiders, and even some species of snakes. There are doctors specialized in all types of intoxications and poisonings to attend to the general population and emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Recommendations issued

Do not self-medicate
Do not take home remedies
Go to the nearest health center.

"Sometimes, in spite of the sting, not all patients require an anti-scorpion fabotherapeutic (serum). The best antidote is prevention. We must avoid overcrowded spaces, these little animals will always hide in dry, dark places, and houses are places where we can frequently find them. We must also avoid having an accumulation of garbage in our homes," explained Hernández Vázquez.

In order to provide the appropriate treatment to the patient, it is important that the affected person or his/her relatives identify the insect that stung the patient, that is, a scorpion or some type of arachnid, in order to speed up the application of the appropriate antidote.

Three stages of symptoms due to a scorpion bite

Mild. Mild localized pain, numbness, tingling.

Moderate. Salivation, sweating, muscle cramps.

Severe. Affection to the cardiac rhythm and blood pressure, which can result in the death of the patient.

In case of a scorpion sting, call 911.