Sayulita, bohemian and fun festival

There are a thousand reasons to visit this weekend at the Sayulita Festival, but the first and most important is love.

Sayulita, bohemian and fun festival

There are a thousand reasons to visit this weekend at the Sayulita Festival, but the first and most important is love, says Gabriel Villarrubia, organizer of the event. For the love of Mexico, art, music, cinema, and people. "And because we do not do this to earn money, but to give back a little bit of how much he has given us. There are no more caring and supportive people than the Mexican. "

And it is that the Sayulita Festival, which is celebrated in that Magic Town Nayarita until February 3, offers a feast of activities in its public spaces. From outdoor concerts, bohemian nights in the bars of the city, tequila tastings, and film screenings on the beach, with the sea in the background. "We are not a gigantic Festival, but we do it with a lot of heart," said Villarrubia, an Argentine native, who arrived in Sayulita almost 15 years ago, only to discover that he had found a new home.

"The festival is designed not to affect the life of the people. For example, we do not use plastic (such as straw and glasses) and we invite people to recycle materials, to conserve the environment and not dirty the beach, "added the musician, who during the talk proudly boasts his Mexican naturalization and fact that he already has two children born in our country.

The festival, which celebrates its sixth anniversary this year, comes with the slogan "Cinema, music, drink and life", elements that shine in its program, although behind this bohemian there is a noble end.

The organizer, whose band Los Gatos Negros is also part of the program, recalls that in past editions they have come to count on groups of the caliber of Café Tacvba, "although now we are going for something smaller, but better distributed throughout the town. We do not want a giant concert that does not leave any benefit among the people, although we will always be grateful to the musicians who have participated in the past. "

Today the film "Salon Mexico" is projected on the beach of Sayulita, at 7:15 p.m. Admission is free and after the screening, there is a brief round of comments.

For those who arrive early, you can find in the Magic Village Center sale of paintings, plastic art, and traditional drinks of the region, highlighting the raicilla, a distillate that has been gaining interest among diners for its mild flavor.

The program of projections and workshops of the Sayulita Festival can be found on its Facebook page, where details are also offered to support the activities of the Community Center throughout the year, always open to collaboration with artists from the region.