Ducks and roosters had their throats slashed in Acapulco satanic rites

Witches and warlocks who allegedly perform satanic rituals in Acapulco have been accused of scattering dozens of ducks and white chickens on beaches, most of them with their throats slashed, along with fruits and wrappings in blue rags.

Ducks and roosters had their throats slashed in Acapulco satanic rites
Mistreated in demonic ceremonies on Acapulco beaches, ducks and roosters end up with their throats slashed. Credit: Ahora Tabasco Noticias

Dozens of white ducks and chickens, most of them with their throats slit, as well as fruits and wrappings in blue rags, are scattered on beaches near the Barra de Coyuca de Benítez, by alleged witches and warlocks who practice satanic rituals in the early morning hours every year, from the first to the last day of October, dates that coincide with the disappearance of young people in the area.

Residents of beaches near Barra de Coyuca de Benítez reported that witches and warlocks, or perhaps healers, had their first meeting of the month in the early morning of October 1, at the foot of the waves on the beaches of this neighboring municipality, where they scattered the remains of dozens of birds, victims of animal cruelty, as they slit their throats and also left wrappings tangled in blue rags and various fruits are thrown away.

"They are men and women who dress hooded with red, white, and black tunics. This Sunday at dawn and until dawn they dedicated themselves to performing satanic rites by tearing the heads off many chickens and white ducks. They left wrappings tied in blue rags, which we do not know what they contain, but they attract flies. They also watered various fruits that children or people can consume and we do not know if they have some toxic substances," said a neighbor of that area who asked to remain anonymous.

The witches and warlocks will end their satanic rituals there on the beaches of Coyuca on Monday, October 31, when they will celebrate the Day of the Witches, as has become a custom every year.

"They are people from outside. They stay in hotels near Barra de Coyuca, and they start on the first day of October on beaches, but also in October, they coincide with reports of disappearances of young people in the vicinity of Coyuca de Benitez and Pie de la Cuesta, adjacent to Acapulco," she explained.

She added that "some years ago, neighbors saw how a young woman was lying on the sand, tied hand and foot, and people in tunics were around her, screaming. It was not known if the woman was alive, dead, or drugged, but she was used for the satanic rituals of witches and warlocks".

The witches and warlocks, or healers, "devil worshipers" as the locals have identified them, for several years have taken over the beaches of Coyuca de Benítez without any permission, violating the Animal Protection Law covered by the impunity of their hoods and robes and without police or military surveillance on those beaches, even though about five kilometers away is the 27th Military Zone, while the municipal authority emanating from Morena does not provide any security.

Out of necessity, some people and children collect fruits or animals that are scattered on the beaches in satanic rites, in the belief that they are gifts from the sea. But it is not known if they are contaminated or harmful when used in the October rituals that can be done without fear of punishment.

The neighbors demanded the presence of the National Guard, the Navy, and the Army to watch over the beach area, as well as the Public Ministry to carry out the corresponding investigations and sanction the alleged satanic activities, which cause fear and insecurity on the beaches of Coyuca de Benítez.

Source and more photos: Quadratin