San Luis Potosi has an endless number of activities to enjoy throughout the year, especially during the vacation season, since being one of the largest states in the country in terms of territory, it requires time to travel to different destinations and tourist attractions.

In the last decade, San Luis Potosi has boomed, since it has grown notably and today it is well known for the natural wonders along the Huasteca Potosina, its magical towns, and other points that cannot be missed. Without leaving aside the tourist attractions of its capital city, where its architecture is also a delight. For this reason, a list of the best must-see places in San Luis Potosi has been compiled.

Historic Downtown

The beautiful squares and gardens of downtown San Luis Potosi give it an air of tranquility that invites tourists to walk through its streets or ride the streetcar and enjoy the historic buildings and monuments.

Museum Circuit

Visiting San Luis Potosi's museum circuit, made up of 17 museums, is one of the must-do experiences in the destination: the famous Leonora Carrington Museum, the Labyrinth Museum of Sciences and Arts, and the Viceroyalty Museum of San Luis Potosi, among others.

Mezcal Route

Knowing and visiting the Potosi mezcal factories is an unforgettable experience since you have to see its imposing masonry ovens and smell the freshly cooked maguey, undoubtedly, will mark the way visitors will return to see and drink this spirituous beverage.

Real de Catorce

To get to this Magical Town there is a cobblestone road that leads to the entrance of the Ogarrio tunnel, which transports you to a trip to the past. To visit Real de Catorce it is necessary to do it on foot or horseback, admire its mansions, its hotels, its palenque, and its pantheon.

Media Luna

The Media Luna Lagoon is a beautiful prehistoric site, ideal for diving or spending a quiet day in the countryside and swimming in its crystalline waters. In winter, the steam from the warm water rises, giving it a mysterious touch.