How to identify a safe cab in Mexico City

In the Greater Mexico City Area, how can I tell if the cab I am getting into is safe? Before embarking on the journey, the unit must clearly define these points.

How to identify a safe cab in Mexico City
Finding a reliable taxi service in the greater Mexico City area. Credit: Secretaría de Movilidad CDMX

Boarding a safe cab in Mexico City has become a priority for the thousands of people in the capital who use these units for transportation daily. Given this, Semovi has issued five points to know how to identify them more easily.

A safe cab in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area must comply with a series of elements that are visibly easy to identify in the unit, to guarantee the safety of both the user and the driver, among which the digits on the license plates and the driver's identity must be corroborated.

By identifying the five elements that a safe cab must have, it is demonstrated that the unit has been previously registered with the capital's government to reinforce the confidence of users when boarding the transportation service.

What must a safe cab in Mexico City have?

According to the Secretariat of Mobility of Mexico City ( Semovi ) when boarding a cab in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area, the unit must have the following five elements to verify that it is safe transportation:

The vehicle must be painted pink with white.
The vehicle must be painted pink and white. It must have a top plate on the awning, indicating whether the unit is occupied or available, as well as the type of cab it belongs to free, site, or rural areas.
Well-placed front and rear license plates that must begin with the letters A, if it is free; B, if it is of a site, or M if it is of rural zones.
Digits of the license plates on the front, sides, and trunk.
A placard on the windows of the vehicle showing the driver's photo, full name, license plate number, and the number to call in case of complaints, doubts, or suggestions.

Remember that the unit must also always have the taximeter visible, as well as the starting rate stipulated by the Government of Mexico City.

Similarly, the Government of Mexico City has launched the application 'Mi Taxi', available for Android and iOS, where you can request a cab, whose driver has verified the above points in advance. The 'Mi Taxi' app also has a panic button that when pressed sends a report to the Secretariat of Citizen Security to track the vehicle through the cameras installed in the city.